How Much Baby clothes?

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bolababy Posts: 706
How many babygrows and vest do you buy? I know from the essentials sticky we'll need about 10 or 12 altogether for hospital but how much should you buy to have at home. People will prob be bringing more cutesy outfits than functional stuff.
Daff Posts: 11644
I had about 20 babygros an vest - some long sleeved and some short. Moswt babies spit up a lot, I was changing DD up to 5 times a day! I don't have a dryer either so needed plenty to do me! You're right you'll get a lot of outfits rather than babygros and also you'll get them in much bigger sizes. My motto is you can never have too many!
love struck Posts: 1125
bolababy Unless you are finding out the sex I wouldnt buy loads of neutral color vests and babygros.. Probably 10-15..As once baby arrives you will want to get either pink or blue I think its an automatic thing.. As soon as I had my daughters rang my mam and asked her to buy some pink vests and babygros.. As daffodil mummy said babies puk etc so you never have enough.. The amount also depends on weather you are going to keep the baby in babygros all day or night or whether you will dress babs.. I am a true believer in outfits as I just love them on babs and they look so cute and also someone has gone to the bother of buying them, and because they grow so big so quick.. They will grow out of clothes quickyl.. So if you are dressing baby you wont need as many but if you plan on using babygros day and night you will need a fair few..
bolababy Posts: 706
So I guess maybe extra vest as well cos they'll be going under outfits. How about 20 vests 20 babygros and then see what pressies we get? We know what we're expecting so I can but colour ones (and hide them, cos telling no one...except WOLs!!!)
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Hi Bola, Sorry I replied on the Feb thread but I thought you just meant for the hospital. I had a section and so I ended up needing 15/20 for the hospital stay alone. I would say if you know what you are having then I would have at least 20 of each if not even a few more spares just in case. I would buy maybe 2/4 "up to one month" babygros as it is really nice to have them fittig comfy but all the others would be 0-3 months. Don't forget to have your non-bio bought in at home to be able to go straight in to washing ;o) Hope this helps :wv
bolababy Posts: 706
Yeah I'd say our baby will be over 8lbs so would there be any point in getting the ;less than one month', Prob get a few just to do the first week or so. [quote="motherhubbard":qy5widi6]Don't forget to have your non-bio bought in at home to be able to go straight in to washing [/quote:qy5widi6] Do you mean wash them all before hand or be ready to wash when I come home from hospital with all the pukey ones? Wasnt really gonna bother washing them before hand, am I a bad mother?!
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Oh I meant to have it in for when you get home from hospital. I didn't wash any of mine either the last time around but this time I think I will as people have pointed out that so many people and their hands are all over those clothes in the store etc But that is up to you :wv
bolababy Posts: 706
Laziness might win out, imagine how many people will be handling him when he;s born!