How much bleeding is too much bleeding?

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Thisishappening Posts: 163
Girls I need advice. I had some pinkish spotting over the weekend. I'd also had some dizziness over the past 2 weeks. Both of these were looked into yesterday and me and baba were given the all clear and all was right with the world. Then last night I started getting period cramps. Today at work I had the cramps again. Very period-like, ya know? And now the blood is bright red and clotty. Am I miscarrying? What should I do? Everywhere I'm reading is that some bleeding and some cramping is normal. But this is just so like a period that I'm freaking a bit. I'm 5 weeks and 5 days. Everything was looking on track for that with an internal scan I had yesterday.
bobby2012 Posts: 644
I would get it checked immediately.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Thisishappening go to the hospital immediately. Red clots should not be ignored. Bleeding may be common but it's not "normal" Hope all is ok.
Poppyseed Posts: 513
Hope your ok Thisishappening. I agree with the girls, definitely get checked out if you haven't done so already. Big hugs to you x :action32
Thisishappening Posts: 163
Thanks girls. I took your advice as it was unanimous. It's not good news I'm afraid. I'll be back on pregnancy and babies some day.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
So sorry to hear that pet. Take care of yourself :xxx
bobby2012 Posts: 644
Very sorry to hear that.
littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
That's really sad news, I'm really sorry to hear that. Hope you're minding yourself, really am so sorry to hear what happened.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
So very sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself. :o(
goingforit2010 Posts: 411
So sorry to hear your news :o( Mind yourselves :action32