How much can you expect to pay for private?

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greenandred Posts: 318
hey ladies, I know this prob gets asked all the time but I am so confused reading all the charges and what I am and not covered for? Anyone give me an idea how much I can expect to pay on top of healthcare for private with consultants fee's 4k? Thanks a mill :wv
brunette Posts: 234
My consultants secretary told me the fees are 2700. Sounded ok to me. Im in the west of Ireland.
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
Only fee's we have to pay is 4k consultants fees (this is private in the Rotunda), VHI cover the rest HTH *)
mammak Posts: 489
Greenandred, my consultant fees are 3g's. Your hospital room etc and all the rest are covered by VHI/BUPA etc. You can also claim back some money for your consultant fees. About 600 from VHI and more from your tax med 1 form. I know that is changing since jan this year but if you have paid before christmas or if its backdated as paid before chrsitmas you can claim as normal. Hope this makes sense. All in all i got 1350 back from my fees last year.
neeov Posts: 4256
I think the VHI claim back depends on the plan you are on. I don't think you can claim back if on Plan b, but I could be wrong.
greenandred Posts: 318
Thanks a mill girls Dublinbride - I am all booked in now for private in the rotunda and you were bang on - :wv
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
[quote="greenandred":1bogj66w]Thanks a mill girls Dublinbride - I am all booked in now for private in the rotunda and you were bang on - :wv[/quote:1bogj66w] Was back over there yesterday for my "big scan" and consultants app - couldnt recommend them enough. Starting anti-natal classes tomorrow and back with consultant in 4 weeks for another scan!! :o)ll They really are lovely in the private clinic!! Hope everything goes perfect for you! Who are you going under? *)