How much did you/will you spend on your wedding dress?

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niftythrifty Posts: 256
Hi girlies! was my first day of wedding dress shopping. It went really well and there are a number of contenders. These vary in price from about €300 up to €2500. The one I am loving that little bit more at this particular moment is about €1500. I originally planned to keep my dress budget under €500, but now that I have started looking I am totally confused about what I should or shouldn't spend :eek So I just wanted to get some advice....How much did you spend on your dress (excluding veil and other accessories) and do you think it was worth it? Thanks O-O ETA: unsure as yet option
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
got mine in the states for 800, while i was living there. Saw the exact same dress in a window in Cork for 1600!!
sarahstrikes Posts: 214
Had a budget in mind of about 1000 euros. Walked away from a dress I loved as it was 2500 as there was no way I would spend that much. Refused to try on a dress that the lady in the shop told me was 4500 euro as I didnt want to take the chance of falling in love with it. Ended up spending 1200 on my dress so I didn't go too far over budget. I absolutely adore my dress but went to 16 dress shops to find it. My point is don't compromise on your dress because you feel you can't afford the one you want. I am a million times happier I didn't go spending a fortune and I found a dress I adore. HTH
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
Mine was £850 sterling - I had a budget of more more than £1000 and I stuck to it. Make sure the shop know your budget before you walk in the door.
Olivok Posts: 192
I wanted to spend 1000-1500 but ended up seeing a dress that was 2000 - slightly over that when you include the belt - so I dithered for a while as there was another dress that was 1000 that I really liked but I was afraid in the end if i went with the 1000 one there would always be that little thing niggling at me. So I went for it but decided to account for it in my overall budget - so I just made sure I saved that extra cash elsewhere! Also I am going to sell it afterwards so that really helped me justify it mentally!! [url=] [img:20wm4u4z];10732;0/st/20121217/e/Our+Wedding/dt/5/k/953a/event.png[/img:20wm4u4z]
longtimeyet Posts: 461
I'm so glad this thread was started:-) I was beginning to worry about this too. I have a budget of 1500~2000. Seen on a Sunday mag that a bridal shop I'm going to have their dresses starting from 1950.. And was getting a little worried :-) think i should ring ahead and see their price range to be sure:-)
Belle28 Posts: 260
Was willing to pay €1500 on my dress but looked around and found it in a Sample sale for €750. Lots of bargain's to be had out there! Also got veil for €50 on sale. Happy shopping :wv
fixibelle Posts: 201
My customised dress cost just over 1100 US dollars - around €900. That included a $150 fee for rush order (got it back in 5 weeks!) and a hat and veil! I love the USA! :o0
lulu126 Posts: 1095
I got mine in a sample sale for €695 reduced from €1400 so I was delighted. I was determined not to spend more than €700 on my dress because I just couldn't justify the price tag for only wearing it once. Doesn't stop me dreaming of all the beautiful dresses out there though!
kinsale Posts: 458
I oredered mine online on dressing pod for $99... hasn't arrived yet but fingers crossed it'll be ok! Bought my veil yesterday on ebay for stg 16 (full cathedral single tier with satin ribbon edge) and a handmade pearl tiara for stg 25. Hope it all works out! I just can't justify spending big money on a dress for one day. Yes, I want to look elegant & beautiful but I think the bridal boutiques are having a laugh with some of the pricing! I'm lucky because I'm a tall size 8 and want something simple but elegant... so I guess It's easier for me to pull off a less than coutour dress if you know what I mean? It may wel come back to bite me in the ass but I'll be on the sale & sample rails if I do look at the shops.