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bettybooo Posts: 10
New post: What is people's combined gross earnings (before tax) and how much of a factor is this when spending money on things for the wedding?
Nolongerwollie Posts: 2181
Why do you want to know????!!!!
bettybooo Posts: 10
Sorry, I had a message on earlier and someone suggested that I put on a poll. I'm just curious as we've budgeted €35,000 spend on our wedding and our combined earnings are €85,000 and I'm very worried that we're going OTT. I'm wondering if people's budgets are a reflection of their income or does that all go out the window when planning for the wedding! I'm wondering whether I should just cut back on certain things so as not to be paying what little money we have to the bank manager in loan interest.
architec Posts: 1306
We're paying upfront for things like BM dresses, shoes, etc as we're going along so that we don't have a massive credit card bill to deal with when it's all over. We earn a generous amount combined, and have budgeted for about €20k-€25k for the whole thing. I bet it'll go well over our 'guesstimation' by the time we finish though.....
eibhlin Posts: 123
Everything included honeyoon €20,000. we earn €35,000 gross each. We are saving like crazy for the wedding and thankfully will recieve a little bit of help. I cannot afford a house, and if I had bought I wouldn't be able to pay for a wedding. You got to love this country, and I'm on a decent enough wage.
AJ07 Posts: 188
We took out a loan for our wedding and to be honest it was the best thing we did. We split it evenly throught the Credit Union and it's not breaking the bank to pay it back and plus we didn't have the added stress of trying to save every penny we have to pay for the wedding. I think it's just nice to know that the money is there to pay for whatever deposits and things we need.
mrs ants Posts: 813
Between us we earn approx €100k however we remortgaged earlier this year and decided to take a bit extra to help pay for some of the wedding and it has really helped. We are saving hard at the mo too though as our dream HM is costing us approx £6k and we just thought we are only going to do this the once so making the most of it.
vickyplum Posts: 118
Well both me and h2b are students at a private run bible college, so have a fortiune to pay for fees and each of our accommodation, we're workin durin the summer just above minimum wage and hopefully get part time jobs in september!! thankfully my folks are sortin out the reception, but they aint rich so trying to get it for under £2500 for 100 guests! and his folks paying for our honeymoon, otherwise we wouldnt have much of a wedding at all!! so our combined earnings is probly under £10,000 a year!!! Far less than the average wedding! But hey God is good, He always provides for our needs!
NYfiancee Posts: 170
We're around 60-odd gross altogether. however we have a mortgage so we are borrowing from the credit union for the wedding like most!!!!!!! About €30000 including dream honeymoon is what we are likely to spend. We are cutting corners and costs and being as sensible as we can apart from the Hm cos thats a once off! But it still all adds up..... Dont be worrying - just do what you can afford to pay back :thnk [url=] [img:dh223kev];10716;0/st/20080829/e/Our+Wedding%21/dt/6/k/1cbb/event.png[/img:dh223kev] [url=] [img:dh223kev][/img:dh223kev] [/url]
MrsIbizaGirl Posts: 979
Ours combined comes to around €60k. We are just after starting to pay for a mortgage and will also have a hefty wedding bill. Luckily, we're getting a fair bit of help from parents or I'd say we'd definitely get a loan just so we wouldn't be short.