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toesies Posts: 436
Hi Ladies I am back to work Tuesday :weep :weep :weep , I am wondering how much do you do re housework/childcare/organising ect?? I do it all, really every last bit and while its fine as I prefer the way I do things I think going back to work I will need a little help, nowwe have two LO's. I do all the cooking/cleaning/washing/banking/bills/organise childcare/, I will be back working Mon - Fri 8-5, DH works Mon-Thurs 7-5 and fri 7-2, he never before collected DS on the Fridays earlier, he has family responsibility with farming, also goes to the gym 3 times a week, I arrange all DS activities, football/music/play dates, and ferry him to and from these, I always have to ask him if he can stay in if I need to go somewhere(which is rare) but now worry i will spend all my weekends catching up with the housework and preparing for the next week. Anytime I ask him to help out as in to hoover or empty the dishwasher he will say "in a minute"(which never comes) or "it doesn't need hoovering/cleaning/tidying/sure who will see it" I am particular with certain things but its him i spend my time cleaning up after not the LO's at all, so after all that :-8 back to the original question, what do you do in organising your lives and so on??????
Daff Posts: 11644
I do everything too and barely can find time to have a shower each day. While DH goes to gym twice a week, plays golf, plays GAA, plays footbaoll the odd time O:| BIG reality check coming his way in December when I'm back to work! I think if you're back fulltime then it should be 50/50. I'll be doing up a rota on who does what and on which days otherwise all I'll get is 'i'm getting round to it!'
toesies Posts: 436
thanks Daff, even when I was working before this LO I always did everything, now I worry that he expects the same sysytem this time around and in reality I just can't and keep things the way I want them, time for a talk I think, see if it does any good O:|
milis Posts: 7998
I'm another idiot who does everything (no offence girls :-8 ), including nagging him to help out, which only seems to add to my workload. I was just thinking tonight I'd love to be as responsibility free as my DH is. Must be great.
shiny2010 Posts: 975
hmmm this is tough one as really you are all crazy :o0 and so was I at one stage ... and now onto the tough bit, which you really won't like and believe me I didn't either.... I just couldn't do it any longer, everything! the constant asking him to do stuff and being ignore was not only driving me insane but I also got very down about it all. Cried trying to get help from him, nagging, everything, ... Talked to DH about getting a cleaner in, he said no. I went another few months, getting more and more crazy.... then one day I said to myself, I'm paying for this myself! found an agency, booked a cleaner and ... he now says it is his idea (in a joke) as he now agrees that it was the best decision ever. We don't need a cleaner that often, once every 2 weeks, 5 hours, she does all his ironing (which he loves) too for 50-60e. Since then he has begun to do a lllooooottttt more, seriously. A lot. He just needed his eyes open. Some days, he'll do very little, but mostly he brilliant. I do have a load of jobs that he has never done, but that fine. Just share about 90% of everything eh. :heartbeat: