How much do you earn?

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yadayada Posts: 1066
I read an article recently that said the average wage in Ireland was €30K. The average wedding seems to be costing 25K so I was just wondering how accurate the average wage was and are we really spending almost a years gross wage on our weddings?
Jan05 Posts: 32
Lou lou, I would not be comfortable divulging my income here. I know we can be anonymous on the boards, but still. Thankfully it's considerably more than the average you stated. My wedding is costing similar to what you mentioned (not including honeymoon... perish the thought of the cost of that). Not sure how anyone else feels?
Frankie Posts: 1571
I don't mind polling my answer so I've replied to your poll. Suffice to say I do earn less than the average industrial wage, as does my h2b. Our wedding will be on a budget, serious budget. But we will still have a great day
MrsCLApril04 Posts: 279
Have also voted ...but we didn't spend anywhere near €25k on the day .though h'moon was pricey and dress was more than I dreamt I'd spend. No matter what it was all worth it and we didn't owe a penny after it thank god.
Bridget Posts: 539
Our wedding will cost about 12-14K excluding the honeymoon. We are having about 100 people. I can't believe so many of you are on high salaries. I would like to ask, what type of work you are doing and what qualifications you have. Also are you in a multinational? I am just on 24K despite being 32 and a newly qualified accountant. I also have an accounting degree and have been working 10 yrs. I was on 28K last year but was made redundant. I think I have good experience, i.e. do all accounts for the company plus payroll, internal accounts, VAT etc. I find that I have to put in a lot of effort regarding study and work even to get a 'reasonable' salary. I am looking at the jobs advertised but most of them do not offer the salaries of 35-40K. Most of the jobs offer a salary similiar to what I am earning, even though the companies expect you to have good experience. Puzzled :?
nowmarried Posts: 186
Hi Bridget, I reckon you are on a low salary for someone who is an accountant! Could you wrangle a pay rise out of them?! I am sure if you looked around multinationals you could easily earn well over 40K. I have friends who are accountants and they earn v. good salaries. I work in a science area, I don't want to give too much away incase I can be identified! Have an hons degree in Biochemistry and thats it. Working 6 years & earning what I would call a 'reasonable wage! :wink: '.
Mrs MC05 Posts: 50
. . . tis a wonder anyone of us earns anything with the time spent on these boards!!!
Mrs. Allie Posts: 275
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SummerDays Posts: 665
Does the poll take into account what you are both earning or just the one of you? Just another thought..
nowmarried Posts: 186
I took it as how much you earn, singular.......was this right?!