How much does it all cost?

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Diet_Coke Posts: 162
Hi Ladies, This is my first post on this part of the discussion boards. About to be wed and looking forward to motherhood. One hitch. We don't think we can afford babies and we live in a matchbox. :eek So, how much does year one cost? From conception to the first birthday. Thanks. *) :compress
nini83 Posts: 1917
Hi diet coke very very hard question to answer as there is no set amount that a baby costs as such and everyone does things differently we haven't had our lo yet another couple of weeks to go so i can only go on that really i supposse we have spent quite a lot but it's what we are totally focused on and spending our wages on iykwim we are attending the coombe privately which is €3500 you can go semi private or public tho which wouldn't cost as parents bought us the bugaboo cameleon travel system €1100 got the maxi cosi car seat from my sis(only thing we are borrowing but like i say you could borrow a lot more and prob save loads or loadsa girls buy second hand) his parents bought us the nursery furniture ie.cot and changing unit in mamas and papas for €750 again lots of cheaper alternatives we have very generous parents ... then we bought a crib which was €100 then general baby stuff we have got bottles steriliser formula soothers nappies talc wipes cream changing mat bedding for crib essential new born clothes ie vests sleepsuits socks hats mits bibs blankets etc all of these things we have picked up along the way so dunno how much in total it all cost but a fair amount ... the day i went to dundrum to get my stuff for my hospital bags i easily spent €500 that even shocked me :eek there happened to be a sale on in mamas n papas that day and i went a bit mad :-8 so we haven't even started yr one of lo's life and it is expensive have made some good purchases tho and ones which we will use agiain and again on future babies please god .... i hope you have fun ttc :o0 and hope to see you here soon xxhthxx
delgirl Posts: 1706
Hi - again it really depends on how much you want to spend. I got a lot of stuff from my sis - crib, top of her travel system for downstairs, mattresses, bedding, play mats/gym, rocker and sling. I bought a cot bed in mamas and papas sale for 120 and bought a mattress for it for 140. Its a lovely cot bed and DS still using it now. I got a load of baby clothes in the sale which we have since passed on to a friend. Even though we are trying for another I think it all swings in roundabouts and we got a lot of clothes from my sis so I am pleased to be able to help someone else out. I bought the mamas and papas pliko end of year range in sale for 500 including car seat and isofix base. DS still using the buggy part now and will do right up until next little one arrives. I will then prolly invest in a light maclaren for him and a good quality sling so I am hoping to get away without a double buggy. Our babs has not cost us too much - we bought bottles and a steriliser etc as I could not breast feed - threw out the bottles and will buy fresh for next one please god assuming that I cannot breast feed again. Maternity clothes cost me a fair bit as I needed good dressy clothes for work - that was the most expensive for me but have kept all so again these could be reused. Creche fees are now our major expense since going back to work which I did when little one was 5 months - he is in creche five days a week at approx 750 pounds sterling a month (we live in the UK).
Mammy101 Posts: 446
This is a really interesting question... and one that my DH & I were determined to figure out after we conceived this little one! I've been keeping a track of EVERYTHING I've bought to date for the pregnancy - between baby stuff, maternity clothes, consultancy costs (we're going private) and just generally pregnancy-related (we decided not to include our costs involved with fertility assistance, as the 'average' couple doesn't go through that sort of thing). Anyway, from the moment we got our BFP until today, we've spent €6000 (€3600 was for consultant), and that doesn't even include our hospital costs yet (we're going to Mt Carmel) and absolutely NO cot or anything like that! :eek The most expensive things on our list so far, have been the consultant and the travel system... everything else has been bits & bobs (it's amazing how all these things add up!!) Once baby is born, I'll continue to keep track of all costs.... as I'm truly interested to find out the true cost of the first year... and what sort of stuff you end up buying.
Daff Posts: 11644
It's costing us €18k and that's til LO will be 10 months old. That includes nursery, travel system, all the bit and bobs, hospital fees and scans (SP in HS) and covering my lack of wages for the 10 months that I'll be on maternity leave. We've by no means gone OTT on things for LO. We got a great deal on travel system. My Dad got the cotbed, using my moses basket from when I was born and borrowed a swining crib for our room from a friend. Really don't know where it's all gone. The biggest surprise expense was maternity clothes (as OP said) and just all the sly things that creep in. I've terrible heartburn and spending about €60 a month on Gaviscon and Zantac! Materinty pads, breast pads, creams and lotions for the birth, PJ's, nighties, maternity bra's and they're all stuff that you'll just use, not even for the baby! It does all add up, but we started saving as soon as we got BFP (we got pregnant on honeymoon, so feel like I've been broke forever!)
Millie- Posts: 490
i really think that if you've family or close friends that have had babies that you can borrow a LOT of things for the baby. In my experience people really want you to take stuff off them so that use can be got out of it. i know that when my friends start having babies i'll be dying for them to get use out of the stuff i've bought.
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Hi I am trying at the moment and really interested in hearing about the costs etc.. as well. One thing that I would also love to hear how much people spend on is the cost once baby is born per month - as in how much on milk, nappies, baby food & childcare - this cost is my main concern as this will be the one thing I need to start paying every month once I go back to work when the baby is about 6 months old.
Daff Posts: 11644
Childcare is the most expensive - we're paying €925 a month! But the daily upkeep of baby we're only putting aside about €200 a month. But saying that we'll have extra savings for things like doctors (babys can get sick a lot!) and then things it'll need as it grows up - like we have a newborn car seat, but within the year we'll need a bigger one and that's going to be about €250! And we'll need one for each car so that's €500 as one will drop little one off to creche and the other collect.
marriedLife Posts: 1881
So realistically I am probably looking at about 1250 per month. I think childrens allowance is about €150 per month now so I need to budget about €1100 per month out of my wages.
milis Posts: 7998
If you are organised, and think about everything carefully, you can spend a lot less than this. Also, I had no real need to buy clothes, I've enough clothes for my lo in presents til her first birthday! I went public, so no cost there, but I did have an early private scan which was €120. I spend €400 on maternity clothes, I was very careful with what I bought, did all of this shopping at the start, so that I knew exactly what I had rather than going out and treating myself throughout my pregnancy. I spent about €1500 on all my equipment. Got most of it in mothercare, and had gone to a mothercare evening, so 10% discount on everything. Baby is costing very little at this stage, I'm bf'ing, and using washable breastpads most of the time, so that's a minimal expense. I borrowed a pump, so no expense there. I was throwing nappies into my trolley any time they were on special offer, and I use roughly €5's worth per week. The only clothes I've bought were a few babygros and vests as we didn't get presents of these! I've bought a few nursing tops too, which cost around €30 each, and nursing bra's which were €30 for 2 in mothercare. So, all in all, I've spent just over €2000 so far! you won't spend as much on maternity leave as you do in work. My lunches at home are so much cheaper than they were when I was at work, and I don't go out as much either. For the 40 weeks of pregnancy, and the 16 weeks of bf'ing so far, I've saved over a grand in wine alone :o0