How much does Mount Carmel cost?

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BONSER Posts: 82
Hi just wondering if you were on the Plan B vhi, then how much would it cost going to Mount Carmel?
breeze Posts: 1175
When i had my first DS i went to Mount Carmel back in 1999. I was on my mam and dads plan but sure what one it was though. I think the total cost was about £3000 - i had to have an emergency c section, DS spent a night in the Special Care Unit and was kept in for a week. Maybe call Mount Carmel and she what the fees are like. HTH
noon Posts: 229
Hi there, I called Mount Carmel last week to get an idea of costs. (see below) If you call them with your vhi details they will tell you how much is covered. We have vhi family plan plus this plan contributes €3250 to the overall cost. The figures below are gross and MC deduct your vhi contribution and you pay the rest. Give the accounts dept a call they were really helpful when i spoke to them. Hopefully this will work - the firs fig is for vhi/viva patients, second fig if you have no health insurance. MATERNITY PRICE LIST 2007 (Normal Delivery only) VHI and VIVAS Patients Non-VHI Patients One Night Package Price Private €3,766 €4,126 Semi-Private €3,541 €3,901 Two Night Package Price Private €4,316 €4,676 Semi-Private €3,941 €4,301 Three Night Package Price Private €4,866 €5,226 Semi-Private €4,341 €4,701 The above Packages Include: : Accommodation : Delivery Fee (use of Delivery Unit) : Fee towards Paediatrician and Anaesthetist On-Call Service : Baby Care : Epidural Apparatus : Pharmacy Charges : Physiotherapy Charges : Laboratory Tests The above Packages Exclude: : Imaging : Blood Products : Special Care Baby Unit. (Use of SCBU is an additional €200 per night). Charges for Fourth and Subsequent Nights Private Room (per night) €525 Semi Private Room (per night) €405 Baby Care €160 Special Care Baby Unit (per night) €360 PLEASE NOTE ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE Note 1 Tax Relief is available on Routine Maternity Expenses. Note 2 A Maternity Benefit is available from most Insurers. Patients are advised to check their Benefit entitlement with their insurers before admission. Note 3 A Booking Deposit is required in all cases twelve weeks before expected delivery date. Note 4 For C-Section prices please contact the Accounts Department. Ph:4063420/21