How much Folic Acid?

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redsquirrel Posts: 391
Hi all, can't believe I am here again but found out Tuesday I am 4/5 weeks pregnant! Lost our baby last year so we can't believe we have another chance. Can I ask how much folic acid you are taking once pregnant? I have been taking the one tablet all a long before Tuesday (4mg) I think this would be 400mcg but I have read that you should up this (once pregnant) to 600mcg/800mcg. Bit confused :duh: any help would be great. x
North Star Posts: 137
From: ... -Acid.aspx [i:1u28nopg]How much Folic Acid do I need? You need to take one 400 micrograms (400 μg) supplement of folic acid every day in addition to what you get from your diet.[/i:1u28nopg]