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sharmon Posts: 437
I posted this in Legal & Religous but there is more traffic here. Were meeting our parish priest tomorrow night to fill in our pre-nup forms, I know it's customry to give a donation, but how much? Our pp is doing our pre-nup forms with us but a friend of the family will be marrying us in our parish. Thanks
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Ooopsss..... :-8 I didn't realise you needed to give a donation at this point. We filled ours out with the pp afew weeks ago. It was the same prose who will be performing the service though so we'll be giving him a donation on the day, money for sacristan and any altar servers. If you are completing forms with a different priest I would give a 'luck penny', as a gesture and thanks for his time; it can take an hour. I would think €50???
bride301009 Posts: 66
OMG didnt give donation either :ooh
sharmon Posts: 437
As he is not the priest marrying us (who we will give a donation to on the day), I thought we should prob give something just not sure how much??
fifi09 Posts: 414
Hi Sharmon We're in a similiar boat. Meeting with the parish priest on friday evening to do this. We're actually getting married in a different church (my home parish). Was thinking we should give him something but really unsure about the amount.
newlyengaged Posts: 255
oops - we didnt either and its a different priest but same parish.... ah well maybe ill send him a thank you card or something.... Hes on hols tho so it will be after the wedding now (hence why he is not actually marrying us!!!)
MrsM2009 Posts: 254
My local priest (who is not maryying us) charged me €30...H2Bs charged him nothing! We are just going to send him a Christmas card witha voucher
sharmon Posts: 437
Thanks for all the replies girls, will let you know what we do tonight, I think I'll wait first to see if he charges us & if he doesn't I think I will get a Thank You card & drop it up to him at the weeeknd with a few bob in it.