How much for your wedding rings??

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preghopes Posts: 468
Just wondering how much are you spending on your wedding rings? H2B just wants a plain yellow gold band, but I am hoping to get one with diamonds in it.
14082010 Posts: 2103
I am getting an 18ct white gold wishbone with diamonds all around the band and its costing €850 and h2b is getting a plain 18ct white gold band which is costing him also €850 so both costing €1700 :action34
Jawl Posts: 8881
I'll be interested to hear your answers! H2b not into jewellery at all, so he just wants a plain gold thin band. I'd like something with a little more detail, and a diamond or two, but equally, my e-ring would look lovely with a plain gold band as well.
dexavia Posts: 242
I'm going to Antwerp and getting a ring the very same as the below for 550. 18ctwhite gold with 11 diamonds adding up to .26ct, only difference is mine has round cut diamonds [img:vuvosgtq][/img:vuvosgtq]
mkb Posts: 1744
I got a platinum band made with diamond around it to match my engagement ring and h2b got a plain platinum band made costing 1400. was alot more than we intended to pay but we got a great deal for them.
bangel Posts: 2285
I am getting mine made to fit my e-ring. Plain 18ct white gold and H2b is getting a 5mm palladium ring. Coming to about €600. I think we are doing well.
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
my h2b got his on saturday for 145.00 just plain gold one-i have to get mine specially made so that prob be 500
turkish Posts: 83
mine is 2300 euro for platinum with diamonds, his is 800-900 eurp for platinum plain ring
perfection Posts: 837
not paying more than 500 for mine...h2b hates rings n he cant wear one in work as hes a chef so hes gona have a tatoo band on his wedding finger instead... will get a lend of one for the wedding day...
havemovedon Posts: 2013
Have a look up North, better value. I got a platinum band with 7 diamonds in it (0.3 carat in total) and H2B got a brushed palladium band for €900 in total.