How much have you over/under spent your budget?

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23skidoo Posts: 1272
Just wondering how different everyone's budget becomes once you start getting things booked and it starts getting nearer the day? I started off with a budget of 25k for the wedding itself but i've booked a lot of stuff now and did some more research and i'm coming out with a figure of €13,500. I've been a bit miserly with some stuff but kept some of the really important bits (obviously the rings, dress, etc). I found it gets easier to pick away at things you don't really need when it comes down to it. Some bits I had on my original list which i've since scrapped: Favours (though if i have some spare cash i might make a donation to the ispca) Chair covers Chocolate fountain Band (just going to have a DJ) Flowers for the church (church is always done up lovely anyway) Centrepieces (hotel provides) Second car (dad wanted to drive everyone anyway) Probably more stuff I can't think of right now. Just interested to see how other people are getting on :wv :thnk
noc Posts: 1802
I think we spent more than my DH thought we would over all (including honeymoon) and less than I thought we would. We definitely spent more on honeymoon than we thought - but we didn't think about it that hard to begin with. Realistically it was always gonna cost as much as it did... :o0 The wedding reception was less expensive than I'd imagined anyway but again, I wasn't really thinking about it that hard. I just tried to make myself imagine it would all come to a certain figure and so it was a pleasant surprise that it didn't. All that said, I'd say we're in minority. We didn't really go OTT on anything much. Not our style. ([size=75:1mtaqhcw]Though I did spend equivalent of €90 ordering a really pretty wedding dress storage box on internet today - a lot for just a box really [/size:1mtaqhcw] >:o) :-8 :-8 ) [size=75:1mtaqhcw]Ed because he's DH now - not H2B[/size:1mtaqhcw] :lvs
The PDQ Posts: 954
My final total was double what my budget was, but I had everything exactly how I wanted so I dont regret a penny
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Overestimated on certain things, but overall, underestimated due to lots of silly little 100 euros here and 50 euros there, which added up. The beeeeg underestimation, though, was the honeymoon. We totally threw caution to the wind when we were away and spent a fortune. We enjoyed every minute of it but probably would have enjoyed it just as much if we hadn't spent quite as much, and come back with a few thousand in our pockets.
Malteesers Posts: 114
I think we're over budget by about 10k. But hey what's money!! We're are glad to spend it on out big day with family and friends.
milis Posts: 7998
When you get engaged you don't have a clue how much anything costs. For example, I thought 1000 for a photographer, yeah, that's fair...... Not too many photographers in agreement with that though, so I've spent way more on one. We deluded ourselves big time on what things cost, but if we didn't we'd never have got engaged :o0