How much is too much for a pram

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Shilanne Posts: 304
Hi all.....Just wondering what you are all doing for prams....? We have almost decided on the M&P 7 in 1 Ultima MPX - as it hs everything - pram, buggy, car seat, stand etc. its working out at 920 - Is this way too much? I am reluctant to place the actual order as I have a feeling they will be bringing out a new one and I would be sick if I thought I paid that much for a pram and it was superseded.....reason I think it could be replaced is that they have the new car seat pro sleep - and its compatible with the Quinny - Bugaboo etc and its only compatible with one M&P pram ...... any advice?
baby4me Posts: 455
hi shilanne i was going to go with that package also but decided against it!!!!!!! it was way too expensive so decided to go with the m&p pramette then buy car seat seperate and changing bag. ill get the whole lot 4 €750. i still think this is too much but i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Topolino Posts: 1659
I suppose it's all relative to how much you earn and what you're willing to pay. I got my twin buggy for €109 and the car seats are €49 each. The most I'd pay for a pram/buggy would be about 250/300. Anything over that is taking the p1ss imo. It's like the whole wedding rip-off. They can charge extortionate amounts if people continue to pay them.
ginger nut Posts: 5989
where did you get your car seats and buggy tops? that seems very very cheap compared to prices i've seen over here. We've just paid almost 800euros for a pram/buggy plus carseat plus isofix base :eek :eek
shoegal Posts: 323
I'd def recommend looking at the pramette too. It has everything and is cheaper. For the buggy/pram it is about 490 i think and then the carseat is 250. Also check argos as they also stock M&P. Get the one you are happiest with, as you will be looking at it every single day !
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i looked at the pramette and have to say found it a bit heavy and not that easy to fold and unfold - opening it back up again required quite a bit of strength that i just didn't have. we finally decided on the icandy apple which is like a bugaboo but a good deal cheaper. It's lighter and easier to fold/unfold than the m&p one and comes with a carrycot that the baby can sleep in.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
[quote="Shilanne":di0x294u]Is this way too much? [/quote:di0x294u] For me, the simple answer is NO! If it's what you want, and you will use this a lot (as long as you need to use a buggy), then it's worth the money. We bought a travel system costing about 250, at 11 weeks the travel system became too much for me to manage as I was still suffering with SPD, and had a lot of back problems after the birth so we bought a Maclaren stroller for 190. At 8 months, as DD was so big and heavy and I walked a lot, we'd pretty much worn out the stroller. We had decided to ttc again at this stage, so bought a Phil and Teds, sa it can be used for a newborn and toddler. Including all the extras, this cost us 690. So in total we've spent 1130 on buggies (gosh I've given myself a fright seeing it written down :eek :eek). We're not the only ones - lots of family and friends who've had babies have done similar. So as I said, if this is THE ONE, then it'l be worth the money...
NewGirl Posts: 1143
Ladies, Shop in the north for your travel systems, the same M&P 6in one is £529 compared to €925, Inglesina £520 compared to €899. Just on the M&P, research the car seat, we were put off by the sales assistant, seemingly the baby sits too upright in it and cant support their wee heads when they are small, their heads flop over. They said they have a lot of parents coming back to change them because of this.
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i heard that about the m&p car seats too - that baby sits too upright in them and head flops forward. it's all so confusing - want to get the bestest/safest system for babs but also don't want to get ripped off and spend money unnecessarily.
Topolino Posts: 1659
[quote="Ginger Nut":1grrve0s]where did you get your car seats and buggy tops? that seems very very cheap compared to prices i've seen over here. We've just paid almost 800euros for a pram/buggy plus carseat plus isofix base :eek :eek[/quote:1grrve0s] It's a shop called Universal Bimbo! It's exactly the kind of buggy I wanted - the long handle, the way the seats are positioned, not too big or heavy but still sturdy enough. [quote:1grrve0s]the carseat is 250. [/quote:1grrve0s] I've never seen a carseat that expensive. I got the one recommended on this site - ZeroUno something or other - and it was 49 euro. I got them in the sale but they weren't much more to begin with. I'm not sure if they're cheaper because they're made over here. That could be it.