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With the fact my wedding is so far away and being on here and hearing sooo many great ideas... im starting to want everything. from different things like entertainment to ice cream vans at the church to photo booths at reception. Then theres all the little things like baskets in the toilets and what not... Just thinking its gonna start looking like a carnaval or it'll look like im trying TOO hard.... am i the only one?
buddylove Posts: 3288
Sometimes I had to check myself that I wasn't running away with ideas too as its easy to get caught up in things. But we are on a strict budget so I only ever looked for what we had agreed on and then maybe a few smaller items if I had saved somewhere else! I think the ice cream van etc is a nice idea but definitely not a necessity and often a distraction in my opinion so if its outside what ye had agreed on first day don't worry about it cos it won't be missed and then if its raining it's a waste anyways! Things like the basket in the toilet don't cost the world and I think show a nice attention to detail and I would appreciate if I had deodrant than ice cream on a hot day anyways!! :o0 But again its not going to make or break the day for the guests. You know your guests and what you want the wedding to be like so dont worry about what others are doing and stick to your own plan. (BTW im only saying that as I have to do that on a daily basis as I could get carried away easily!!)
teapotty Posts: 2085
I have to say even if I had the budget for lots of extras they're not really something I'm interested in- as a guest or as a bride. Candy buffets, ice-cream stands, chocolate fountains, singing waiters, photobooths... Some guests appreciate this stuff but I really feel it's wasted on a lot of people- they just don't have any heed on it. To be it's all about lots of good food and wine and a good band. No one will remember the cute basket in the toilet if the food disappoints them or if there isn't much wine. It's just one day, you don't have to jam it packed with "attractions"- focus on getting the big things right and people will remember your wedding as a great one.
pink martini Posts: 484
Don't panick! I was the same :o0 When I started buying bridal magazines I wanted everything that was in them, then add in the things I heard from friends about weddings they were at too ...everything seemed like a great idea and I wanted it all. But in reality, when you start booking things, working out the timetable for the day, and most importantly, working out your budget and trying to stay relatively close to the budget, you'll forget about most of them. I can say hand on heart that I haven't got any extras at all planned for the day. Maybe when I've got all the main things organised and I have a bit of time to spare close to the date I might look at doing something as an extra. But, when you get down to the practicalities of everything you'll soon reign yourself in :wv
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
We had none of the extra's mentioned here. Sometimes less is more iykwim.
Pricetag Posts: 1306
I know what you mean OP! I am the same myself sometimes!! You just have to take a step back and think, do I really want this and is anyone REALLY gonna notice that!! We are having a videobooth but it was something we both really wanted and we know there a certain guests that will really entertain us when we get the discs back! We are also doing the Fererro Rocher Trees but we are not doing favours so I though it would be a nice touch to have them as they are a little different. I thought about doing the toilet baskets but it's just more hassle than it's worth and most of my female family and friends bring their flats with them! I will probably put a few bottles of deodrant in the bathrooms if I remember!
Rogue User Posts: 6101
I love all the extras - and we;'re on a really tight budget. Like another poster said drink, food and band are of most importance and that's where most of my money is going but we are still getting loads of extras. We're having an 80s theme and I want the room to look Wow! I am decorating it all myself, we're using glass sweet jars filled with colourful retro sweets as centre pieces, my oh is making a photobooth type thing, where we'll have polaroid cameras to take pics, we're having an ice cream van, baskets in the toilets, lots of tiny details like pac man soap, magic 8 balls, etch a sketch, an 80s themed table plan. My budget for the wedding is just 12,000. So if you really want to do it there are ways! you just have to think outside the box and haggle haggle haggle!
stickwoman Posts: 2394
We'll be shot so! Have reception music, candy buffet and a caricaturist. We're not having things for the sake of having them though.... and to be honest it's not really for the guests' benefit, but because we want them and our budget allows. I've always had a sweet tooth and we were having a candy buffet (although it was going to be DIY as prices were insane when we were originally planning). As someone else said, it won't be to everyone's taste.... some people won't like it, but sure as long as we're happy that's the main thing I suppose.
Jawl Posts: 8881
I have spent 15 months already planning my wedding, with 8.5 months to go. I had every idea going on my agenda, you do get a lot of ideas on here! But as time goes by your ideas change. My wedding now vs my wedding 15 months ago are totally different :o0 Also there was lots of things I thought were pointless like flip flops for dancing or toiletry baskets. I've attended a few weddings since planning my own and I am looking at things now from a bride's perspective. And I'm having both now :o0
stickwoman Posts: 2394
[quote="Jawl"I am looking at things now from a bride's perspective. And I'm having both now :o0[/quote] That's the perfect way of looking at it! I've noticed dozens of small little touches that I wouldn't have even known to look for before starting the planning process! The toiletry baskets were one.