How much maternity benefit?

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so confused ( Posts: 4
Hi all Just wondering how much maternity benefit I will qualify for if in the qualifing year I worked full time for 6 months and then was on maternity benefit for another 6 months of that year. As in will I get the minimum or max? I work full time. Thanks :wv
justwed09 Posts: 2349
its based on the prsi paid two years before so if we go on maternity leave in 2010, its based on 2007 wages :wv
theoracle Posts: 7664
2008 actually. The Relevant Tax Year is the second last complete income tax year before the year in which your maternity leave starts. Your weekly rate of Maternity Benefit is calculated by dividing your gross income in the relevant tax year by the number of weeks you actually worked in that year. Eighty percent (80%) of this amount is payable weekly, subject to a minimum payment and a maximum payment. So if you worked 26 weeks and earned, say 13,000 during that time, your weekly wage would have been 500 Euro before tax. 80% of that is 400 Euro, therefore you would get the maximum payment which is 270 Euro as of Jan 2010. If you earned say, 250 Euro a week, 80% of that is 200 so that you would receive a minimum payment which is 225.8 Euro as of jan 2010.