How much on pram?

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Esketti Posts: 936
Hi girls, just wondering how much you would spend on a pram? I got mine for 300 it was reduced from 550. Yesterday a friend of mine got her pram and she paid €1,000 :eek (apparently its the mercedes of prams O:| ) Does anyone else think this is an awful amount to pay for something that essentially does the same job as the one I paid 300 for! It comes with all the same things, and if anything is a lot more bulky and heavy than mine! It takes ages to assemble the carry cot onto the pram. I just think that shops target people with these gizmo's and its terrible. Anyone else with me on this?
jen2 Posts: 3106
When picking a pram this time, I did not look at the price tag. I got what I wanted. 2 years ago I bought one for my DS. It looked the same as alot of the others in m&p's, and did the same job, but it was on special offer. It was the only one on special offer in the shop. It turned out to be rubbish. It was very bulky, very heavy, had lots of problems with it. the baby car seat that came iwth it, had very little cushioning for the baby. Im not saying this will haapen to you, but after that experince I decided not to pick by price, but by how good I thought it was. I got a double buggy this time, and spent 524 on it. Jen2
gbirishgirl Posts: 246
Not in the position yet of needing to buy a pram but I agree with you completely. There will always be people who feel the need to spend a fortune as it makes them think they're getting the best product on the market but, as you mentioned, she's already struggling with putting the thing together so it may not turn out to be the best investment in the long run... The cynical side of me says that babies, like weddings, are a license to print money for some companies and unfortunately there are people out there who are willing to pay mental prices for something in the belief that they are getting 'the best'. At the end of the day, it's what's best for your baby AND for you... there's no point missing the mortgage payment 'cos you bought a pram!!
mammybean Posts: 10364
they one i have picked is €700. i thought this was fine as it is the 3 wheeler (v important to me), push chair, carry cot car seat, changing bag, cosy toes, insulated bottle holder, sunshade, raincover and insect net (copied straight from the catalogue) i thought this was the going rate, h2b said it should have an engine at that price :o0 i certaily wouldnt pay any more than this, i think 1k is just a mountainous amout of money to be spending. i could get a cheaper one but would have to get the car seat seperately so i thought this would make sense. i think you still get caught though to buy the base for the carseat to make it usable in the car am i waffling?
Esketti Posts: 936
Hey Jen, no we didnt pick my price either, we picked what we were recommended and also what we thought seemed to be good and easy to get around. My friend has the same one as us and it was from her that I was interested in it but we didnt realise the reduction on price until we went to pay for it, so that was a great surprise. I understand what your saying though that they need to be a good reliable pram afterall they are carrying around our precious little bundles :lvs but I just feel that 1,000 is excessive when they essentially do the same job as a "cheaper" model.
Esketti Posts: 936
[quote:15sqbd3i]push chair, carry cot car seat, changing bag, cosy toes, insulated bottle holder, sunshade, raincover and insect net [/quote:15sqbd3i] Mine has that too, but my friends for €1,000 doesnt even have that! It doesnt have the bottle holder, sunshade or raincover. I know these are small things, but I would have thought for €1,000 that it comes with its very own pram pusher!
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
I think picking a pram is really all about the lifestyle of the parents. We picked ours because it is very light and very easy to put up and down, and because it folds into a small space, as we will be travelling down the country to my parents alot. Unfortunately the one we found that had all these features happened to be one of the more expensive ones on the market, but once we had decided it was for us and we could afford it, the price didn't really bother me, as I know it's a once-off purchase. Different parents need different things out of a buggy, and I have to say I didn't find when looking at them that they all did the same job at all...they all seemed to have different features that made me like/dislike them.
mammybean Posts: 10364
never heard of the bottle holder before, :o0 but i thik sunshade and insect cover are small things but IMO important things i looked after baby twins and the pram didnt have its own sinshade and we bought those clip on umberellas and they were a disaster once you turned a corner you had to move it, then it got lose and fell off lol. i was looking at the catalogue there and there are cheaper ones but they dont have all that or they arent three wheels. unfortunatley in waterford we arent spoiled for choice where to buy things. at ehat stage do you start to buy
Idina Posts: 1289
Can I ask beanies girl and mrskp what prams they are????
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
We went to Tom Kealys in Walkinstown and I think we are more confused now then when we went in! We were shown the "Bubbaroo"or whatever the name is and its the best of the best apparently,it has a moses basket type pram and car seat etc..but its €1040 :eek did'nt appeal to me at all...I want a normal pram if that makes any sense ;o( I really like the Maclauren buggies and they do a car seat so both worked out at €500...which isnt bad IMO,the buggie last up to ages 4.