How much room reduction???

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lsg Posts: 45
Hi all, Just wondering what kind of reduction are people getting on their guests rooms for the night of the wedding? Checked our hotel's website last night and they have rooms for 140 for the night of our wedding. I would expect the reduction to be at 100 for our guests.? Is this a bit much to be looking for or is this the standard reduction? We kind of overlooked it when we first booked the hotel!! :duh: Thanks LSG
Cowhands Posts: 564
Yeah our hotel has rates of €140 on their website and we got a reduced rate for guests at €97 ..hope this helps
wifeyttc Posts: 2507
This drives me nuts we got a wedding rate of 150e and when you go onto their website now its bloody 140e O:| How do they expect that to be a special offer to us!!im going to tell my guests to book online.
crazyinlove78 Posts: 933
We got none...and not only that I've checked website and got people to ring to check and its actually gone up €20 since we booked our wedding...weekend b4 and after have stayed the same, and I'm getting married on a random thurs in march!!!! O:|
ShutterBug Posts: 1056
€155 down to €140 but I am going to try haggle them down another bit.