How much should I give the priest???

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Gormo Posts: 23
We didn'y have to pay anything for the use of the church, we have to give the sacrastain €100 and give the priest €€€. I haven't a clue how much is expected. Does anyone know?? The priest did say "Could you give me the few shillings the night of the wedding rehersal rather than on the day of the wedding" but he didn't give us any idea how much he was expecting!!
al4 Posts: 161
yeah I have heard that they won't tell yuo what to give, you are just supposed to know! there is another post about it here
newmammy2011 Posts: 1255
HI It really is a difficult one the parish I am from in the North we have no sacristain we dont have to pay for the church either. Regarding the cleaning if the church etc I expect it will be up to ourselves as to how we want the church to be presented on the day. Re how much to give the priest I was thinking something in the lines of 200 sterling??????? I really havent a clue either do you think this would be suffice? Everytime I reaad these threads and realise how different things are in the south re prices it worries me if we are giving enough as things in the South seem to either have a price tag or else be more structured???????
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
We gave our priest €250. He was delighted told us he never normally gets that much and we were very generous. I did suss it out before the wedding and the main amount i was told was €200 for the priest.
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
sorry to jump on your post Gormo but here is my predicament.. h2b relative is the priest marrying us. We are having wedding away from home so priest will have to travel day before, approx 100 miles. We are putting him up the night before and night of the wedding in the hotel, feeding him etc. Will be making a donation to the church anyway and the Parish Priest is going to be away so happy enough to leave everything to relative. Question is do we give anything to h2B relative at all and if so how much ( given what we are paying for accommodation etc it will add up to about 500euro, its a 5star hotel). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I know we will at least have to give enough to cover petrol costs anyway. Thanks!
FutureMrsL Posts: 231
Our priest said before that people dont mind spending hundreds on the flowers and then give so little to the church We are giving €300. Like you Doublel, a relative is marrying us, so instead of giving him money, which he will only give back anyway, we are getting him some genesis, maybe a golf or hunting ornament as that is what he is into. Hope this helps :wv
August08bride Posts: 139
we're giving €300
babsjones Posts: 52
Was told its a halfs a days wages so i caluated we are combinly padi about 50 and hour and 1/2 a day is 4 hours (our working day any way) do 50x4 is 200. also given 200 to church and 50 to women who opens church and feeding the preist think thats about right :-8
Gormo Posts: 23
Great help, thanks everyone. I am going to go with around €250 so, If he complains I'll direct him to this discussion board!!
Greece Posts: 1800
We have 2 prists doing out mass - my priest but then another guy as well as my priest isne very well. Do we have to give them both this much?