how much to get the basics

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mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
just wondering if some of ye could give me an idea of initial costs of the basics for babs from the hospital bag to the nursey - only started ttc but want to start putting a little fund aside for buggies, babygros etc for when my time does come so I dont struggle to buy all the things the little one would need - thanks :wv
alton Posts: 3077
It's really hard to say. You can spend an enormous amount or you can keep it quite sensible. Also, it depends on what you consider the basics :o0 Pram/pushchair - from about €250 to €1250 (If you are prepared not to have the most fashionable models, but want a good travel system, you need to budget for about €650) Moses Basket/Crib/CoSleeper - from €50 to €350 depending on what kind of sleeping arrangements you choose. Nappy bag - from €30 to €200 - again it depends on how fashion conscious you are. Cot/cot bed - €150 to €900 and a decent mattress will set you back another €150 minimum Steriliser/Bottles/ Breast Pump- I was lucky enough to get presents of these so not sure of price range Bedding - €7-€20 per sheet and blanket Clothing - you don't need to buy too much because baby grows out of it very quickly and you'll probably get lots of presents, but to get babygros, vests, hats, mitts, cardigans and a little snow suit would cost about €100. Again you can spend less or lots more depending on where you shop and how cute the outfits are! Nappies - watch out for 2 for 1 offers and don't buy too many as you may have issues with size, or find that baby reacts to certain brands. Wipes, powder, cotton wool, bath products - Initially you just need cotton wool, water and maybe some vaseline. Hope that helps a bit - other posters will probably have different experiences of some of the prices, and different opinions about what is and isn't "basic"
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I think this is what we spent: Cot €350 including a really good mattress Travel System €320 (buggy, carrycot, carseat & nappy bag) Travel Cot (used as a crib downstairs) €150 Changing Unit €100 Sterliser €50 - I think. It included 3 bottles Breast Pump €70 Bedding €20 - Had most of it already :-8 Clothes €50 - only bought snowsuit, babygros and vests. Got everything else as gifts. Bouncer €50 HTH
workingmom Posts: 3429
How long is a piece of string? it's one of those questions really. It depends on what you buy and whether or not you go for brands or not. Some people spend 700+ on a travel system. It also depends on whether you buy in shops, online or second hand. I bought pretty much all online from kiddicare for equipment, and the travel system I bought in a nursery shop sale for less than 50% of original price. All in all, I spent in or around 800 euro for everything I need, from soothers to a cotbed. Shop around and get an idea of the things you want, then, keep an eye out for sales. HTH.
beaker Posts: 379
Also, consider going up North for some of the big things. We saved about €150 on the pram/buggy by buying it in Mothercare in Newry, crazy I know but defo worth the trip
wifee07 Posts: 353
How much for basics is as much as you're willing to pay!! If you shop smart and buy the odd bits n pieces as you go you won't even feel the sting that much!! I got a lot of bits n pieces in various sales. Sheets in Guineys and was very lucky with family and friends giving me other bits n pieces. I started looking for my buggy when I was about 20 odd weeks, felt like a bit of fraud going round the shops, but at least I had an idea of what was on the market and roughly the average price. Get all the smyths and wonderworld brochures, scour the internet, theres plenty of bargains to be had if you want them!! Oh and don't be fooled by the flash packaging and awards you see printed on some stuff, nappy wrappers?!! swaddling blankets, your mothers generation didn't have spl swaddling blankets when you were a baby, they used a normal blanket and folded the corner down!! Be sensible!!
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
There are loads of special offers around at the moment, and that may continue into next year, so it seems to be a good time to be buying baby stuff. Also, the North is great for a few bargains to start you off. We were up at the weekend in Derry and went to Matalan, Sainsburys, Woolworths, Asda.....we got some basics for the baby at amazing prices! Also got some really gorgeous stuff in Babysrus (Toysrus) and prices still great compared to here!
MrsK07 Posts: 454
Shopping on Line is a very good option to cut cost as well. I got my travel system on It was €350 less than the shops and only €40 delivery to Ireland. I ordered it on a Wednesday morning and had it the following Monday morning. There wasn't a dent or a mark on the box. I was really happy with their service.
mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
thanks for all the replies girls - its true I guess like with anything in life its as expensive as you make it - going to open a seperate saving account I think and start off with €50.00 p/w for time being try to get a few bob together anyway which will help - not even pg yet - just like to be organised :o0