How much to give for confirmation?

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lellikelly Posts: 891
Hi just interested to see how much you would give a child for his/her confirmation these days, my husbands neice is making her confirmation next week and i was looking to see what the going rate was? Bear in mind that the parents and child came to our wedding last year and never give us a wedding present O:| O:|
cheekywife2011 Posts: 1076
its my h2b god childs confirmation this weekend and we are just sending her 50 in a card but this is only because she is his godchild otherwise i would say 20 not being scabby or anything but its ridiculous the amount of money kids get
Momof2 Posts: 3884
thats a seperate issue regarding your wedding present and thats the parents fault so leave those feelings aside, I know its hard, if you can I would say 50euro for a niece/nephew to be honest HTH
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
for a niece or nephew id say €50, and as another poster said what her parent did is different id never take out my feelings towards parents on their children :wv
lellikelly Posts: 891
Yeah thanks for replies but the thing that annoys me is the Mam was down in our house other day and she was saying when "Mary" makes her confirmation she is gonna buy x y and z with the money she gets... O:| O:|
Momof2 Posts: 3884
but sure thats what we all did when we were that age I'd say I had mine gone the following week. Let it go for your own sanity *)
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
[b:2uqj4avf]€50!!!![/b:2uqj4avf] :eek well, I suppose times have well changed from we made our confirmation. I remember getting £20 from someone and thinking I was absolutley loaded!!! :o0 It's my nephews communion at the end of this month and I haven't a notion on how much to give him, or what kind of present to give him.
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
i give 50e to my nephews/niece but my sis (who has way more money than me!) buys them a present for bout 20e and doesnt give any money..
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
[quote="Pebbles2011":2ivryv9d]i give 50e to my nephews/niece but my sis (who has way more money than me!) buys them a present for bout 20e and doesnt give any money..[/quote:2ivryv9d] I'd be the same as your sister - only I'd buy a present that cost more than €20, I'd do one or the other, not both.
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Lads you're all going to tell me I'm the stingiest Wollie of them all, but €50?! Seriously, for a 12 year old who isn't even your godchild??? The maximum I would give is €20. And in fact, I would in all likelihood give €10 if it's not a close relative. I agree with other posters who've said that it's madness how much money kids are just handed nowadays (Old Lady Cabbage speaking here :o0 ) If it were my godchild I'd give her something like a nice, good quality watch or some other jewellery (a nice gold cross or something) that she could keep forever as a souvenir. I still have the chain my godfather gave me, and the engraved fountain-pen my godmother gave me (I even signed my first ever job contract with it).