How much was your tiara / headpiece??

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preghopes Posts: 468
Hi girls Just wondering how much you are spening on you tiara or headpiece?
fish12 Posts: 389
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
I got mine for €59 I think, it was gorgeous! I got it from a website I saw on WOL 'pure bliss' (I think) It was a little slow arriving as I think they had had to order it.(?) I thought as they were Irish company I'd have it next day :-8 It arrived in a fab presentation box and they were great to deal with I highly reccommend. Good Luck :wv
Momof2 Posts: 3884
I had a lovely neat little comb which cost 14euro found it in a shop in Donegal I was thrilled with my bargain as I had seen v similar where I got my dress for 150+
preghopes Posts: 468
Ive seen one i love with roses on it, and it is €79 but thought this was a bit dear, would like to see if I can get a cheaper option if possible!!
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
€5 - Pennys.. I swear to god it looks like its straight from a bridal boutique
yvonne9 Posts: 447
15 euro on ebay. It a lovely silver and flower design
divingqueen Posts: 102
Just had my dress trial and I was given a tiara to try on €180 in the shop. I have since found it for about €90 in other shops, but havent bought anything yet. I like a few on Glitzy Secrets and you can return them if not right.
pauline722 Posts: 323
€4 on Ebay and I love it!
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
my vail & Tiara are both free from the bridal shop - not sure what I am going to wear - and they are giving me a free head piece too . I will decide a few days before the wedding which to wear