How much weight did you gain?

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Neen Posts: 132
Hi tried to post this a min ago but dont think it worked so here it goes again. How much weight did you gain? I am not preg but hope to be very soon. At the moment i am 3 stone heavier than i would like to be and would be so afraid of gaining another 3 stone :eek But i know 2 girls who had weight on them that didnt gain much at all...... or am i being unrealistic?
babybrain Posts: 592
it completely and utterly differs with everyone. I've had friends/relatives that have put on as little as under a stone and some that have put on over 4 stone. some people retain more fluid etc which makes them gain more weight. and some people do "eat for 2" and put on more than others. However one friend who was large to begin with and had an unhealthy diet put on just over a stone and another who was slim, always ate really really healthily, continued to exercise until her 8th month, put on almost 3 stone. So the answer is - it differs and as far as i'm concerned, you're going to put on at least a stone and most of it is out of your control and down to your genes. my advice - if you are carrying more weight than you would like, lose it now because you'll only get more depressed as the weight goes on when you do get preg and once you put it on you cannot lose it until after the baby comes. When you're pregnant it's better than you can just be happy and not worry about the weight you're gaining, if you start off heavier than you like, it will be harder to accept. Good luck with both ttcing and your weight loss :wv
chicam Posts: 1169
I agree with babybrain - your body changes so much during pregnancy it is almost unrecognisable so if you're not happy with it to start with then weight gain plus stretch marks plus everything else that goes on will not go down well. It varie from person to person but my normal weight is 62kg and at 33 weeks now I am at 82kg. No doubt there will be more to gain and it all to lose at the other end! Good luck :wv
under construction Posts: 3458
I was about 2 stone overweight to start with, but gain 28lbs during pregnancy. The weight has just fallen off me since he was born and now 6 weeks later i am only 2lb off what i was before getting pregnant