How much weight did you put on whilst pregnant?

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Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
Don't mean to offend anyone or anything i'm just wondering whats the norm? thanks a mill
charli Posts: 5994
i think the rule of thumb is; called the 1,2,3 rule 1 stone if you are overweight 2 stone if you are normal/average weight 3 stone if you are underweight/quiet thin don't think putting on half stone would be healthy!! i put on 2 stone,or just about about 5-7lbs in first 3 months 12/14lbs between 3-6 months 5-7lbs in 6-9months in and around that anyway
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
Yeah i've heard that's about right but if i ever do get pregnant i'll try keep fit - not to keep weight off but to keep my heart and body fit and ready for running around after a wee 'un! A friend of mine and h2b's has a wife who is about 6 months pregnant at the moment. Something troubles me though. She's dead set on "keeping the weight off" and brags about walking 6 miles a day and not eating anything which i think is sick. But she've no problem downing 4 bottles of Miller on a night out. I've tried to explain that a growing baby in your uterus will not keep your tummy flat, but she won't listen to reason. The poor baby is all i can say!
charli Posts: 5994
oh Bridey - she sounds like she has issues i kept fit by swimming and walking and have to say that i was back to a normal weight very quick, lost 1 stone at birth, half stonenext couple of weeks and the last half stone was gone by the time my baby was 3/4 months - Breasfeeding helps too i really believe this
mila Posts: 698
[quote:2gdd3fi4]She's dead set on "keeping the weight off" and brags about walking 6 miles a day and not eating anything which i think is sick.[/quote:2gdd3fi4] Isn't that supposed to be very dangerous? Growing babies need lots of nourishment, and by starving herself like that she can't possibly be getting all the vitamins and micronutrients herself and the baby need. While I'm not advocating "eating for two" or any of that nonsense, I think prenancy is probably the most important time of all for ditching the diets, and eating healthily and sensibly. Jeez, that's shocking.... :shock:
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
I know a girl when she went into the hospital to give birth she was 1/2 stone lighter than when she had gotten pregnant. totally due to morning sickness the whole way during her pregnancy. poor pet. baby was fine. it would make you wonder though.
charli Posts: 5994
actually Malibu - that heard of a girl that had fierce bad morning sickness and was loosing lots of weight, she had to spend alot of time in hospital on a drip because she couldn't keep anything down have to say thats not the norm though - even eating healthy and balanced you will put up 1stone+, it's natural
bellabella Posts: 2750
Sorry, but i think people who worry about putting on weight even a pound are not mature enough to have children in the first place.For Gods sake talk about having their priorities wrong. O:|
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
Oh God no i wouldn't be worried about putting on weight during the pregnancy at all. I wouldn't care if i ballooned during it if my baby was healthy. I'd just like to prepare myself for loosing the weight after the baby being born, thats all
willthiswork Posts: 1995
I think people who worry about putting on any weight need to check their priorities, but if I ever get pregnant I'll be keeping an eye on my weight as there is a history of high blood pressure during pregnancy in my family and being very overweight can't be good for the baby or conducive to a risk free birth. If you don't know what the norm/recommendation is then how do you make sure you are healthy. That girl that walks 6 miles a day is a freak though.