how much will i need?

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nutcake Posts: 1168
hiya girls, i posted this in hen and stag but no1 replied :-8 im going to a hen in edinburgh soon and im just wondering how much sterling i will need? ive worked out the food, accomadation and activity planned will come to 135 pound. flights are already paid. do you think 200 pound will be enough? that will leave me with 65 pound for drink and breakfast the next day. just going for 1 night
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Will you be going to a nightclub? That could cost as much as a tenner to get in. Also I presume ye will be buying rounds so if it's a big group you will need enough to cover at least one round depending on how long a session it will be and how many are in the group. Also if your meal is included is wine? As this could add to the cost as well. I would probably take at least £250 but that's just me.
discounter Posts: 441
Was in Edinburgh in June at a hen. I think £65 for drink and bfast is fine but depends what you're drinking and where? There's always the option to get more money out of the atm anyways if you're pushed.
nutcake Posts: 1168
yea thats true think i will take cc card just in case! im including wine thats in the meal so the 65 will just be drinks in pub and club O-O
Bluebear Posts: 1594
Depends on where you eat- we were there in feb and lots of places had really good deals on food and drink. Wetherspoons (free ale house) just off princes street had really cheap drink if you wanted to start night off there- think £2 for pint of coors light (classy bird that I am lol!). Also Irish bars in the Haymarket had good deals on booze! hth :wv eta we got bus from airport to city centre for £6 return -buses go fairly regularly and drivers v helpful (as in where do i get off and stuff) much cheaper than a cab!