How often do you contact your venue??

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Spudmud Posts: 398
Hi Wollies, I was just wondering, Do any of you be in contact with your hotel/venue on a regular basis?? Ive contacted our wedding co ordinator a few times this year through email-to ask a few questions ect... Just wondering if thats the done thing, or should I be waiting to ask any questions when we have a meeting arranged iykwim??? Dont want to be annoying them with emails if thats not how it works.
Newme2013 Posts: 704
I booked last Oct and am getting wed in less than 2 months. Have been to the hotel twice to meet the coordinator (first time when we went to look at it) and have rang him about 3/4 other times. I would say contact them whenever you think you need to, you're the customer don't forget and will be leaving a lot of money behind when it's all over so don't feel like you're annoying them cos you're paying enough for the service!!
Spudmud Posts: 398
Hi Ladygaga, Yeah I was thinking the same too....Its alot of money to spend, so I shouldnt feel bad for contacting them when I do have a query. Not long to go for you now- Its amazing how quickly the last couple of months have gone!
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
We visited our venue three times before booking, then I went back with my Mam and sister for lunch and then last week I rang them just to check they still had our booking! We have a written receipt, credit card receipt, the whole works but I just got it into my head that they had lost our booking! I don't know why! I'm a mad bridezilla, I know, I just got a bit of a freak attack. So I rang up and just said to the girl who answered the phone that I wanted to check if they still had us booked in for April 7. I told her I was being a bridezilla and she just laughed at me and checked the book and, of course, there we were booked in! She was lovely about it, just said 'no problem' and seemed used to mad brides ringing up! I'd say venues are used to brides ringing up and wanting to check and double check things. Once you're not on the blower to them every day asking them what colour knickers they're going to be wearing on the day, I'd say they'd be grand!
starbar10 Posts: 991
I generally have sent off questions as I have thought of them - or maybe wait til I have a couple together. Our wedding co-ordinator has been fantastic shes's so enthused about the wedding it makes us feel special and really valued. I'd say I have emailed her about 6-8 times over the last year, our menu tasting is next week :o)ll but she wont be there. We will be going in for a sit down and a chat then about the things and then maybe have another 1-2 emails in the run up.