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toughluck Posts: 6
on average are you "doing the deed" in any given cycle? Only trying a few months and starting to think we aren't at it enuf! :oops: TL
bellabella Posts: 2750
well we are ttc but not only doing the deed to get pregnant if you know what i mean .We do it about 20 times a month :oops:
Lucy D Posts: 91
Its the frequency you do it around your ovualtion time ie just before during and after that counts as this is the only time you can become pregnant. I used the following website to establish the dates when I was ouvaluting so I knew when to go at it hammer and thongs :P , and bang first month trying it worked so defiently I would recommend giving it a go. Best of luck.
snozberry Posts: 1212
[quote:1c8bjj1y] so I knew when to go at it hammer and thongs :P , [/quote:1c8bjj1y] ha ha ha good one - thongs!!! :o0 presume that was intentional and a play on tongs! otherwise I am :oops:
Lucy D Posts: 91
no you're right! have to lighten the mood i understand the stress some people can go under tttc