How often to you colour/tint your hair?

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Ozzie Posts: 45
Hi Girls, I recently went from blonde to brunette and just wondering how often I will have to get my hair coloured/tinted? :thnk Thanks a mill, Ozzie
pattie Posts: 2379
I'd say it depends on whether you have grey hairs or not, and how much grey hair you have. I get my roots done at least every 4 weeks with a permanent colour, but that's because I have a good bit of grey. You probably won't know for a few weeks till you see how well it's lasting you. They say that the colour lasts longer in the winter too as you're not exposed to so much sun.
sandy13 Posts: 939
about every 6/8 weeks but when its only one colour and dark you might get away with it for longer it also depends on whats your natural colour because the roots will start to show after a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ozzie Posts: 45
Thanks Guys, no grey hairs yet ... so nothing to cover up! I think my natural hair colour would be a dark blonde (I've been dying it blonde for at least 10 years!)...I was just wondering if I needed to get it done again before Xmas! Thanks again, Ozzie