How quickly did you know that you were pregnant?

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corkrebel Posts: 744
Just wondering soon did you find out that you were pregnant? were there any signs to make you think that you were pregnant?
charli Posts: 5994
mine wasn't a planned pg so i didn't know until the fatal missed period, but even then i wasn't thinking i was pregnant as i had the usual period symptoms - cramps, tender boobs, bloatedness. i thought my period was just late. eventually, i took a test and when i mentioned the symptoms to the doc in my appointment the next day he said it is quiet usual to have period symptoms when the first missed period was due
MrsC2B Posts: 500
Knew fairly quickly also, AF was due wedding day and didn't arrive but though nothing of it, put it down to excitement of wedding etc. Was sickly on honeymoon and tested during first week but got BFN, tested a week later and hey presto, a lovely honeymoon surprise. Had period type symptoms also, bloated and a bit achy and stomach feeling iffy. Boobs didn't get sore until few weeks after that for me. Good luck if you're waiting for a result.
corkrebel Posts: 744
Thanks Mrs C2B!...and what a lovely story ... not due my AF until March 28th but (pardon the expression) we were like bunny rabbits before and around my expected ovulation time .... and it drives you crazy to know if you were successful..... best of luck for a healthy pregnancy!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Ah corkrebel, we are in the same situation as you!! Not due AF til 29th / 30th March. Have been at it since last Friday :lol: , with the exception of Monday and yesterday, when hubby was sick - typical that he gets the worst sickness he's had in months when I'm OV :? . But, I'm hoping we've done enough this month for a bfp. Best of luck to you anyway......
corkrebel Posts: 744
Jellybaby, best of luck to you too.... we were at "it" on friday, twice on Sunday :wink: and Monday ....coudn't muster up the energy on hope that that will do the trick .... best of luck to us both!!!
scarlett Posts: 262
hiya, on my kids i knew straight away when we done it, h2b used to make a joke of it that i only had to look at him and i was pregnant so i'm keeping my eyes closed from now on :lol:
birdielips Posts: 342
I had a fair idea about 2 weeks before af was due. I didnt feel like drinking, not like me at all!! I had just come off pill and it was our first month trying.I always knew when I was ovulating long before we were ttc but this month I couldnt pinpoint it at all. I thought it wasnt happening as sometimes this is the case when you come off pill and when I started getting pains in my side (left mainly) I presumed it was my body trying to ovulate or something along those lines, but it still kept popping into my head that I was preggers. I did a test about 4/5 days before af was due as I was due to go out on a mad one and I was really tired, had cramps and even though my head was saying id love a pint the body just wasnt going with the idea!! Was still shocked it came up positive though even with all the little niggly feelings and signs! The one thing I would say though is I had a very regular 28 day cycle & had I followed the books and internet sites Id read I wouldnt have thought I was ovulating until around day 14, but both my scan and my own feeling on it show I concieved very near the start of my cycle, Im almost certain it was day 10 although scan would indicate earlier again. Luckily for us we were going at it like rabbits regardless & when were doing it all over again Id stick to the same plan - apart from anything else its more fun :D best of luck with this month anyway!!
MTMR Posts: 788
just to add to what birdielips said I concieved on day 9 of a 28 day cycle! and i wasn't just off the pill.
alimae Posts: 134
Hi Corkrebel, We werent exactly tryin to conceive but we did :lol: :lol: , we were jiggy at it the day before , day of and day after ovulation :wink: I didnt think anything of it until about 4 days before AF was due I decided to do a First Response Pregnancy test and it was positive , I did another 2 of those tests along with a Clear Blue digital test and all were positive , I had no symptoms and I was lucky enough to not have suffered much with morning sickness etc.... If think u could be pregnant u should try a First response Test , it is delicate enough to pick up the pregnancy hormone up to 4 days befre AF is due... Good Luck to all , :wink: