How reliable are first response tests 5 days early!

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Slanket Posts: 645
Hi girls, I'm 8 days dpo today and feel really strange! My af is due on Sunday I'm extremely bloated, am getting pains in my lower back and a few af type cramps, and my chest seems bigger & very tender!! Now I'm probably reading wayyyyy to much into this as it's only our 2nd month ttc since coming off the pill, so I'm just wondering could I use the fr test today or will I hang on until nearer the weekend? What do you think ladies? I'm up in a heap here!!! Thanks :thnk
marriedLife Posts: 1881
To be honest I would wait a few days for the simple fact the tests are so expensive and if it comes back with a BFN you will think it was too soon to test and then buy another a couple of days later in anyway - although in saying that when I first came off the pill I did the same thing the first two months - then I coped on and was too mean to keep buying them - it is hard to resist though. I had two regular cycles after coming off the pill and then they went haywire - so when I did get my BFP I was actually on CD35 and didn't know what day DPO I was on - but based on my due date now I know that I was 10 DPO when I tested. I used a first response and I got a really really really faint positive - so faint I could only see something when I held the test up to the light - so based on that I would say that 8 DPO is too early to test - I would defo try and hold off a few days - I tested each morning after my faint BFP to make sure the line was getting stronger and it took a few days to get strong so maybe try and wait till Saturday??
star sun 1 Posts: 1456
I got my BFP 5 days early on a 1st response ( The line was very faint though and i was pregnant with twins so maybe thats why its showed so early). Best of luck :babydust: :babydust:
Mamarella Posts: 30
Just on the point of tests being so expensive, I came across a test called Early Bird and it was something like €5.95 for 2 tests. Happy days. Unfortunately it's probably not as sensitive as FR, but I wish I had found it earlier, because I spent a small fortune on other tests. Really hope that you get your BFP. If you are testing early, test early in the morning so that you get your most accurate result. And don't be too disheartened if it's negative. They are only about 50% accurate that early and the percentages increase with each day. Good luck.
meggan1 Posts: 110
HI, I got my BFP 5 days early on 1st response. Like you I had all the symptoms, I just knew I was pregnant. Good luck :babydust:
Slanket Posts: 645
Thanks for all the replies girls, I might hold off a day or two if I can and maybe test Friday, it's like a double edged sword I'd like to know if I'm pregnant but don't know if I could handle a bfn I really have myself convinced this month and seem to have symptoms of being pregnant! It's not helping that I got pregnant on my dd the first month coming off the pill 6 years ago!! I just wish this week would fly!