How soon did people share the news?

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leanbh 10 Posts: 26
I am six weeks gone and I have just told my parents they are both soooo excited! I was just wondering how long did other people wiat before sharing the good news? I'm finding it so hard to keep to myself!
Idina Posts: 1289
On my last pg it was plain sailing so I told my close friends bwtween 6-10 weeks (depending on when I met them!) This time it hasn;t been so smooth so I waited til after my 12 week scan. Both times told parents (mine and DH) immediately. It depends on yourself, there is no right on wrong time. Whenever you feel comfortable telling people go for it!
Sassy Posts: 2269
I'm going to tell my parents today and dh dad tomorrow, then we will tell my 2 sisters and his sister. After that i will try and wait until i have an early scan with will be done around 8 wks. Thats is i can keep my mouth'll be hard
marriedLife Posts: 1881
The only thing about telling people early though is that they will keep saying to you throughout you pregnancy - God it seems like your pregnant forever! This happened with my sister and she said she was fit to kill people by the end >:o) I am going to wait till Easter weekend - should be 11 or 12 weeks then depending on what dates my early scan gives me
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
I think there is no harm in telling people who you would tell if something went wrong - I got to 12 weeks and started sharing the news with a few close friends but unfortunately I had a missed m/c - I just thank god we didn't broadcast to general friends and family. Its obviously a personal decision.
Dootsay1 Posts: 252
I'm in the same boat, last time we told our immediate family pretty early as we thought we'd want their support, and I'm sure it was a 'long' pregnancy for them. I am trying to hold out until Easter when we'll be around 12 weeks or so, but I know it'll be so hard. My sis and Mum are coming to stay this weekend, so we'll see if I can hold my water! Can't wait to tell everyone though.
leanbh 10 Posts: 26
Yeah it definately feels more real when you tell other people the news, its a hard call and I think its hard when you ask other people to keep it quiet as it is hard not to want to talk to other friends. I think I will try and wait till as close to Easter as possible too. Thanks for the replies girls O:o)
marianf Posts: 5845
We told our parents at 11.5 weeks and then everyone else after our 12 week scan. Glad we waited that long because as it is this pg feels endless for our families. It is also very nice to have a secret that only yourself and DH know for a while
babychino Posts: 634
We told our parents, siblings and 4 of our closest friends at 7 & 10 wks, waited until we saw them in person. Everyone else, we told at 14 wks. At 1st I was bursting with the news and found it so hard to keep it in, by the time it got to 14 wks, I was strangely enjoying the secret *)
Idina Posts: 1289
I may be cut down for being blunt but what difference does it make how long the pregnancy seems for anyone else-they are not the ones that are pregnant! :eek People are still going to wreck your head near the end with stupid questions like "Any sign yet?" "Are you still here?" O:| O:|