How soon did you give LO solids?

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zowiebowie Posts: 300
Just wondering what are the current guidelines for starting solids and did anyone start sooner? and what did you start off on?
Fancy Nancy Posts: 71
Haven't had babs yet but done my ante class there recently and was told 6 months for solids. Was speaking to SIL and she said that 6 mths was recommended when she had her LO too but she was such a hungry baby that she started her on baby rice (not quite sure what this is but assume you buy it in the baby aisle) at around 4 months and then mashed up/liquidised veg from 6 months onwards.
amberjack Posts: 1273
I was told to start at 17 weeks and that was 6 months ago, apparantly it has since changed to 6 months. My little man was ready at 15.5 weeks and there is no way that he would have lasted until 6 months. He now eats anything and everything, loves his grub. TBH I think you know yourself when they are ready, guidelines are always chopping and changing (same with the way you make your bottles)
zowiebowie Posts: 300
yeah DD is thirteen weeks now and was thinking of starting her on some rice at around 16 weeks.. just wasnt sure if thats mental or not!
jezabelle Posts: 607
My Ds is 12 but when she was a baby it was 12weeks that you were ment to start feeding solids, and i started at about 17weeks with her and the health nurse scourged me to start earlier!! She kept telling me that she would have alergies if i didnt start ASAP!! Needless to say DD has no allergies and is perfectly healthy! With DS who is 2&1/2 now whole differnt ball game, The age to start 2 years ago was 6mths, he was 9 weeks getting his first spoon feed it was killing me to feed him that early but he was drinking 9oz bottles every 1.5hours, and was keeping them down he had been doing that since he was 4 weeks and it was far to much liquid sometines he'd even drink more! So off to the Dr he said to give him rice or sunshine orange and see how it goes, So I gave him one feed a day for about a month or two, then started properly, id always hold off as long as I could but listening to friends etc most people seem to start there kids about 16-18weeks.
zowiebowie Posts: 300
Wow Jezabelle, I cant believe your little man took 9oz every 1.5 hrs!! You must have been spending a fortune on formula :eek
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
DS was 16 weeks. Started on babyrice for a week and then veg puree. The recommendation is 6 months but both his PHN and his pediatrician told me he'd be ready at 4 months as he was big hungry baby. He loved his food then and still does :wv
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Started DS at around 16 weeks with baby rice. He absolutely loved it. Moved on to pureed veg a couple of weeks later, then pureed fruit. He eats absolutely everything now & has a fantastic appetite!
Ring King Posts: 9
Also started DS at 4 months. With him being the first, I hadn't a clue, and I actually thought he wasn't a particularly hungry baby coz he wasn't one for drinking huge big bottles. But on a visit from the PHN, she mentioned trying him on something like rice or pureed fruit - so I did and he devoured it! I reckon he was so bored with the milk he was dying to get his taste buds around something different :o0 By 6 months, he was eating pureed chicken casserole and now he has a fantastic appetite and eats anything that is put in front of him (bar onions.....he has serious issues with onions :o0 )! My sister on the other hand waited until 6 months with her DD (DS and her DD only one day apart) and her DD is the fussiest eater I have ever come across...still has issues with lumps in her food and they are about to turn 3! The poor thing....I almost dread her coming to our place coz I know I won;t have anything that she'll sis is at her wits end with her. Every child is different so maybe your child will dictate for you, but this is my experience thus far! Who knows if it will even work 2nd time around!
jezabelle Posts: 607
[quote="zowiebowie":1yguqdfp]Wow Jezabelle, I cant believe your little man took 9oz every 1.5 hrs!! You must have been spending a fortune on formula :eek[/quote:1yguqdfp] Oh my god it was a disaster, i had been BF and had to suppliment from when he was a few days old so i could get a break! I was still expressing and feeding until he was 6 weeks And then was like feck this im worse than a cow if i wasnt feeding him i was expressing or supplement feeding him with a bottle! He was just such a demanding baby until he got solids and then it changed over night it was great! I was going through maybe a tin every 4 days. It changes so much and every baby varies ideally personally I think around 16 weeks, My mum always laughs at these guidelines, they change so much, when we were babies it was 6weeks (im in my late 20's) which is mental far to young, and my brother in law was over 12lbs born and his mother had him and his brother on plates of porriage from 2weeks he'd be 40 this year!! Its funny cos DS isnt an amazing eater now but he is in age 3-4 clothes and he is 2+1/2 and i have to take the waist in on everything or have belts on things cos he is quite slim, hes just so tall but DH is 6.2foot and he is the smallest out of him, his dad and brother so i think DS will just be tall like them!