how soon did you tell people?

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buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
Hi girls, I've just asked this on the December babies thread as thats when I'm due but decided I'd throw the question out to everyone. I'd love loads of responses (in my favour of course :o0 ). Ah no, Im just over the four week mark & I'd love to tell both families shortly, in particular my mum & sister but DH wants to wait til the 10 - 12 week mark which seems ages away & that's when I'd hope we'd start to tell everyone else. Would love to share it with family first. How soon did you all start to tell family & then other people? Thanks, buttercupbabe
Lureal Posts: 455
I have told a couple of close friends and my mam. That is all for now. I need to be able to talk about it!! Won't be telling anyone else until 12 weeks though. Dh doesn't want to tell his family until 12 weeks.
ellybelly Posts: 305
We have only told our parents. And I told my BF as she knew we were trying. Not telling anyone else till we have our 1st scan which we have booked for a couple of days off 12 weeks. Cant wait to shout it from the rooftops :o)ll . I think my mam is going to explode keeping it to herself haha
Daff Posts: 11644
On DD we told my Dad at 7 weeks after a scan to confirm heartbeat and his parents at 10 weeks. Then told everyone at 12 weeks but know his Mum told people before that - don't get me started! Then I got a BFP and told my Dad at 4 weeks cause DH was working abroad and I needed help with DD cause I was very sick. But had MC a week later :o( Got another BFP straight away :o)ll and told me Dad and brothers at 8 weeks after a scan to confirm heartbeat. It was xmas. Told his parents at 9 weeks cuase it was New Years and then told everyone else at 12 weeks - again think his mother told people judging by their reactions O:|
lovin motherin Posts: 175
Im 4 weeks and 6 days and we plan to tell both sets of families on easter sunday because we had already planned a big dinner with everyone in our house for easter so it just seems like the perfect time to tell them! I would love to tell close friends but I will hold out until the 12 week mark!
MrsDr Posts: 1316
I told my 2 BFs first as they knew we were trying and I needed to talk to people about it. Told my mam at 8 weeks and everyone else at 12 weeks. I work with a lot of polish people and they dont get the way we hold off telling people. One girl said to me, if anything bad was to happen during the first 12 weeks and her bean didnt make it she'd want all the support she could get from friends and family thats why she told everyone pretty much straight away. Each to their own.. But its so hard not talking to anyone about it for the first few weeks.
Shopgirl 1 Posts: 660
We told both families at about 7 weeks and I suffered a miscarriage a few weeks later. Next time I won't be telling until much later as i dont want to put everyone through the worry.
ructions Posts: 2689
It's a completely personal decision. We decided not to tell anyone until after a scan at 8 weeks when we'd heard a heartbeat. Even then it was just parents and a sibling. Our parents and friends would have been there to support us if I'd miscarried whether they knew about the pregnancy or not beforehand. Also, if something had gone wrong it would have been purely our decision on who to share bad news with, if at all. I'm a private person anyway and have no problem keeping secrets! It is very hard to keep it to yourself in the first few weeks. I had it particularly hard as I had a massive non-pregnancy related upheaval at 8 weeks but I found it much easier as the time went by. In fact at 12 weeks I would have been happy to keep it to ourselves a little longer, it's a lovely time for you and your OH. I didn't tell work until I was almost 17 weeks and I'm glad because the pregnancy doesn't seem to be dragging on and on.
glover Posts: 188
We've told my parents and my 2 sisters and my BF. Hubby is happy to wait for few weeks to tell his side so am leaving that decision up to him. In a way im half sorry I didn't just keep it to myself cos you just never know but i'd be telling them if something went wrong anyway so it doesn't really matter I suppose. God its such a worry in these early weeks, never thought i'd be this nervous that something could go wrong. Roll on the next few weeks till scan
CherylC Posts: 1071
For DD, I told my family at 7 weeks after a scan confirmed the heartbeat but didn't tell DH family until 12 weeks. I think its a personal decision. I had a chemical pregnancy/ early miscarriage at 5 weeks last month, and was glad we hadn't told anyone before that. I just don't want to have everyone watching and waiting for me to get pregnant again. Its easier to just get on with it ourselves - I may tell them in the future. I guess others would react differently so its up to you how you think you would cope.