How soon did you/will you start shopping?

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EatLoveSleep Posts: 285
For the baby? I have started getting some things, i am 12 weeks. I mentioned it to a friend and she was amazed. Said it was "very early".
Its Me Posts: 1788
I was 20 week when I bought my first thing. It was a little winnie the pooh 7 pce set in Tesco's but I thought it was so cute and had to buy it :-8 DH gave out to me and told me to wait til after Christmas. I'm 24 weeks now and dont know where to start. I also have a serious lack of interest going on but mainly coz I have been sick since Christmas Week :-8
ticketyboo Posts: 625
i was 20 weeks when i start shopping. that was because i was very sick for 16 weeks, could barely do a thing without barfing and every time i went in a car i got sick so it took me until 20 weeks to pluck up the courage to go anywhere to get shopping :-8
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
26 weeks. Nice time to start and coincides with the sales. Saying that, we are getting lots of equipment stuff and some clothes from various friends so don't have to shop for them.
amberjack Posts: 1273
23/24 weeks as the sales were on and there were bargains to be had. Now that I've started, there's no stopping me and I'm on a roll! Plan to have it all done by week 30, so I can relax for the last few weeks.
PetiteFeet Posts: 506
I started looking at stuff/researchig at around 16 weeks I think and started buying small things around 22 weeks after my anomoly scan. Waited to get the big stuff like buggy and cot etc until around 28ish I think, but can't really remember!! Don't mind what people are saying to you though, if you are happy to start collecting go for it, it is so exciting getting the little things. I am sure you are finding already that people have an opinion on EVERYTHING and apparently being pregnant give them the right to just come out with it!!
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
I would be too superstitious to buy that early so your friend is probably the same but I know lots of people who buy early. each to their own I say, whatever you are comfortable with. This time around we had everything so I brought them all down around 26-28 weeks from the attic and started freshening everything back up. I think we bought our first item with our DS when I was around 24 weeks and after 30 weeks went mad :o0
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
We were in the states at 14 weeks and bought some of the smaller stuff there as it was literally 1/4 Irish prices. changing bags, slings, thermometers, monitors and a few other bits and bobs. We ordered the travel system and cot when we found out the gender at 18 weeks and I've been throwing the basics (wipes, breast pads, nappies, maternity pads etc) into the weekly shop bit by bit. I bought all my hospital bits and bobs (black pj's x zillion) in the sales. I felt more comfortable getting the financial costs of baby out of the way early but I can see why people might prefer to wait. Only two biggies on my list still to get are blankets and cot sheets.
doone Posts: 503
only really started getting a few baby gros over the past few weeks, have been looking into other stuff like the travel system etc for a while but i really think this baby has really changed me as i can't seem to bring myself to make a decision even on the smallest stuff, i use to be so organised and i think before i got pregnant i thought i'd have everything bought at this stage ! [url=][img:3r7al6gq][/img:3r7al6gq][/url:3r7al6gq]
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
I was about 20 weeks. I thinks once I had my big scan I headed to the shops and started preparing for bay's arrival