How soon should I go to the doctor?

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MrsJackson Posts: 374
Hey girls, first time posting on this side of things very nervous!! Anyway I have taken 3 pregnanct tests and they are all saying the same thing however I am just wondering if I should go to the doc straight away to confirm it? That is probably a really stupid question but I am in total shock and have no idea where to even start!!
FoundHome Posts: 1753
Firstly congratulations :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Well how far along are you? If you're very early I would leave it a few days, as doctors tests are not as sensitive as home pregnancy tests. I was 5.5 weeks gone and the doc's test came up negative so don't worry too much if the same happens to you. The first visit to the doctor is usually a chat about vitamins, lifestyle, do's and dont's and most doctors will do a blood pressure and kidney check (bring a urine sample just in case). Also start the ball rolling with your doctor about getting the combined care form started etc. Have a read of the sticky "just got a BFP....." [url:3l9nd8wg][/url:3l9nd8wg] which runs through many questions which you may have. I would recommend having a think about whether you want to go public/semi-private/private and which hospital first. If you have health insurance, give them a ring to see exactly what you are covered for. Congratulations again!!
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Congrats! I'd go to my GP anyway to chat about vitamins etc and he'll let you know if it's too early to confirm or not. Also v sensible to look into your health insurance cover if you have it
Ochre Posts: 877
I'd go now. My GP didn't do a test, she took my word for it. There's such a babyboom that the sooner u get to ur GP the sooner u can get onto the hospital and get appointments, ie for ur booking appointment will b at 12 weeks when it's meant to b rather than a week or two later. Also if ur going private or semi-p, you'll get ur first choice consultant
MrsJackson Posts: 374
Thanks so much for the advice girls I am only a few weeks gone but I think I'll head to the doc in the morning anyway just to put my mind at ease. Nervous and excited in equal measures! Hubby is over the moon its so cute!
igottafeeling Posts: 195
No harm in going to the doctor I think.. It will put your mind at ease in any case.. Congrats honey... You will have a new page boy or flower girl for your wedding!