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Fur Posts: 131
after baby is born can you take him/her out and about?Walks/visiting etc thanks xx
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
im sure some of the mammies can give their experience but id imagine its all up to you and baby and how you are both doing. Id also guess that in the spring/summer its easier to get out and about sooner as its not as cold and wet (well supposed to be!)
missc Posts: 875
they say baby is ready for walks assoon as you are. so whenever you feel up to it, which for me was about 5 days after. but we had her around all the grandparents ang great grandparents houses the day we left hosp, she was fine, but i was wrecked............................still am :o0
mariac Posts: 982
i was out and about 5 days after DD was born and that was in sept.
ms jolie Posts: 166
Good question, Ive long b4 babs wud b able 4 the 4 hr car journey to visit its great grand parents?
missc Posts: 875
If your baby is anything like mine, they will just fall straight to sleep when in a car anyway so cant imagine you having any problems no matter how young they are. only thing would be that they recommend babies arnt in car seats for longer than 2hrs at a time for their spine, so maybe just stop off a couple of times to give baby a break, bottle and a stretch