How To Avoid Customs From US

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fruiti Posts: 61
Hi Girls I'm sure this has been over done at this stage but i just want to ask, i have placed an order for my dress, matching veil, three bridesmaid dresses and flower girls dress with a bridal shop in the US and expect them to be shipped mid-late January. Saving a good bit, but am just worried now about the customs charges if the package gets stopped. Maybe someone could give me a few tips on how best to avoid this?. Thanks :wv
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
there's no way of avoiding it unfortuately. i think the limit is about $50 or so, after that you are charged, unless it's marked as a gift. most companies have to declare what the contents are worth. i think valued each dress at $50 on the docket to save customs, if i remember correctly.
MiLu Posts: 133
You could get it posted to a friend or relative in the US and have them re package it and send it marked as gift.
MrsDoyle Posts: 663
I don't know if that works tbh as a friend of mine got a genuine engagement present from the States and she was still charged customs on it when it arrived.
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
You are legally obliged/required to pay VAT/Customs charges. [b:3bswk68e]Customs implications as regards imports via the Internet, what reliefs are available?[/b:3bswk68e] Customs duty is payable on goods imported into Ireland (regardless of the medium used) from outside of the European Union. The actual rate of duty involved depends on the nature of the goods and is assessed in accordance with the tables set down in the Customs & Excise Tariff of Ireland. VAT which is levied at whatever rate would apply to the supply of the imported goods in Ireland is also payable. Customs duty is chargeable on the value of the goods often referred to as CIF or the cost of the goods plus insurance and freight. The customs duty payable is included in the value of the goods for VAT purposes. Excise duty, if appropriate, must also be paid in accordance with Part 5 of the Customs & Excise Tariff of Ireland. It should be noted, however, that the following derogations apply: Gifts Customs duty and VAT is not payable on consignments of a value not exceeding €45 which are sent as gifts by private individuals from third countries for the personal or family use of private individuals in the State. However, relief from VAT does not apply in the case of tobacco products, alcohol/alcoholic beverages perfumes or toilet waters and the limits set out in Public Notice No. 1179 relating to relief from customs duty on such goods must be observed. Furthermore, where after excluding the value of the goods (other than tobacco products) which qualified for the relief (€45), the total value of the remainder of the dutiable goods in a gift consignment does not exceed €349.18, customs duty will be charged on the balance at the standard rate of 3.5%. The importer may, however, opt to have the goods charged at the relevant tariff rate(s) applicable. VAT and excise duty, if chargeable, will be assessed in the normal way. Goods of Negligible Value Packages, other than those containing tobacco or tobacco products, alcoholic products, perfumes or toilet waters with a value of €22 regardless of status (for private or commercial use) are admitted free of customs duty and VAT under the scheme commonly known as "small packages" relief.
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
I've heard that if you post it to a company, you will get away with customs...
NowMrsM Posts: 67
I got packages delivered to work & had to pay the customs
Bobbybear Posts: 55
If you declare that "you left the dresses behind" (but obviously they should have originated in this country and tax was paid when originally bought) by mistake you may avoid....I know of someone who did genuinely leave stuff in a hotel and had to get them posted back and this was fine. :thnk
chocbiscuitcake Posts: 658
I've said it on here before and I've said it again, it is illegal and morally wrong to seek to evade tax. Customs and VAT, just like all the taxes everyone else has to pay, goes to paying for schools, hospitals, roads, combatting poverty, social benefits, support to the economy, etc. I know there are plenty of things wrong with the country but don't you think they'd all be a lot worse if everyone started evading taxes? Are you not the slightest bit ashamed of yourself to be trying to sponge off the rest of us by asking advice on something illegal on a website? It's the moral equivalent of theft, in my view. Just do things right and pay what you will owe.
alwaysnextmonth Posts: 204
Give the girl a break "moral equivalent of theft" get a grip please.. If this country wasn't such a rip of in the first place peolpe would not have to go elsewhere to get bargains.. Weddings are expensive enough and to save a few bob on a dress is a helping hand. The government are getting vat on everything else you pay for in the run up to the wedding. And for the statement spongeing off everyone else do you not think that is a bit harsh.. simply this website is too help brides not dishearten them.