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mrs sarah c Posts: 522
Hi all, I just started reading this I have been laughing out loud but I really wish people had been more honest with me about how hard having a child is.The birth is SOOO EAASY!!compared to being a mum 24/7. Anyway there is a veil of secrecy over being a parent and I shall now say the truth,my baby cried all day yesterday(5 months old) and I was luckily with friends who stepped in when I was in meltdown mode. I am in a mother and baby group and even then if I mention anything negative about having a child I get this look of shock.."oh no it's so worth it.." Anyway I just wanted to say thanks to people like Luigi on this site who are honest about the realities and emotions of having a child. O-O
luigi Posts: 867
ahhh sucks. Im chuffed to get a mention. I know completely where you're coming from. We had a meltdown moment at the weekend when DS (he's sick at the moment) wouldn't stop making sad whiney noises and didnt want cuddles/food/sleep. My mum was over that day so she was brill as his constant lamenting was not only breaking my heart but it was playing on my last nerve as i'd been up all night with him. Oh the joys eh!? I joined a Mother and Toddler groups at he beginning too but our local one was like Baby Pagent! "My baby is always wonderful" At risk of touching a nerve all the mums at ours seemed to be of the "you are only a good mother if you are a SAHM "brigade and thats not my thing at all. I had hoped to meet local mums and ended up p'ing them off as I didn't really agree with a lot of their views so that was the end of that! Although we go to a swimming group on Mondays and its brill as he's the youngest there so theres no comparison and only good advice from those mums. What on earth would a mum's salary be if you had to pay them? Cook, Cleaner, nanny, accountant... you'd be up in the 100,000s I must read this book, have heard really good things about it.
EVIE78 Posts: 687
oh have to get that book . Being a parent can be such hard work.
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
:-8 that book has been banished to the farthest corner of my bedroom where I can't see it cos it scared the bejesus outta me !!! dO NOT READ ThIS BOOK IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR TTC :o0
MrsHappy* Posts: 2496
My hubbie heard about that book on Gerry Ryan and I've been looking for it on the net, but can't find it. Who is the author? I'm dying to get it as I really want to know what lies ahead and don't like the perfect picture painted by some people. Everyone has their off days, both mums and babies.
WonderWol Posts: 2927
I HAVE to get that book!!! DH would love us to start a family but I'd like him to understand the realities of it first!
WonderWol Posts: 2927
Baby-proofing Your Marriage: How to Laugh More, Argue Less and Communicate Better as Your Family Grows - Stacie Cockrell ; Cathy O'neill ; Julia Stone Found it on www.play.com
MrsHappy* Posts: 2496
Thanks a million for that WonderWol, your brilliant.
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
[quote:idlq28tb]I really wish people had been more honest with me about how hard having a child is.The birth is SOOO EAASY!!compared to being a mum 24/7. [/quote:idlq28tb] ah yes but someone wouldve probably come accross as patronising /smug !! my sister had 4 so i had an idea but thought it would be ok!! its so so hard and it changes you and your life in ways you wont realise until you have the baby!! know what u mean about the b& t groups, i went once and never again i have to say when i read about ttc's r etc sometimes i feel like grabbingn them and shaking them and saying do u not realise what it involves :o0 ,its not allabout a cute little bundle to dress up ok im a big cynic :-8
WonderWol Posts: 2927
I've just ordered a copy :o0