How to be a great bridesmaid!!???

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1st time bridesmaid Posts: 2
I will be bridesmaid for my best friend in April :thnk Sooo excited! I'm jus wondering if all of you brides and brides-to-be (congrats :xox ) could give me a few tips on what I need to do on the day so that she really enjoys herself and has nothing to worry about... I'm sure you have lots of tips! Much appreciated... *)
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I'm sure you are going to be a great bridsmaid. The fact that you are asking for tips proves it. Leading up to the wedding show enthusiasum. I know you'll probably get bored listening to all the details but it really does make a difference. I was hurt when mine didn't ask how things were going etc. On the day just be there for her, simple ask her what she needs you do. A very good tip is that the following morning she may need a hand sorting out her dress, cards, presents etc. My DH went to play golf with the lads and I was left to sort everything. I ended up loosing my earrings that my mum had bought me for the wedding cause I was trying to look after so much stuff. My mum had thought my BMs were helping so she went to say goodbye to people etc. Good luck
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Once you don't try and steel the limelight on the day like my BM tried, you will be fine!!!!
ciarat Posts: 89
i was bridesmaid for my friend a few years ago. even though it was in june it was a cold day and once i had my photos done i disappeared inside as i was freezing! - not a good idea. the bride needed help with sorting dress and veil etc as it was really holding up the photos. so you have to brave the cold i am afraid. i had learnt my lesson for the second time i did it and i have now passed this onto my sister who will be my bridesmaid. on that first occasion i had to rush with her to the bathroom after the ceremony to help her with her dress - we had consumed a bit too much champagne prior to the ceremony. :o0 also very handy to have a little bag with her lipstick, plasters, safety pins etc - anything you can think she might need. most of all have fun - that's what we enjoyed most was having little chats about how it was all going. O-O
1st time bridesmaid Posts: 2
Awh thanks girls for the tips... Can't wait! :lvs
Chick Flick Posts: 498
Hi there 1st timer ! I was a BM for the first time during the summer and thats how I found this forum. Just be there for her between now and the wedding, helping her choose her dress and yours, going with her on hair/makeup trials, organising Hen, being with her the night before the wedding and especially that morning but most importantly being supportive during the stressful times cos believe me there will be at some stage! You sound like your delighted and honoured so enjoy and have a great time :wv