how to buy a cot mattress?!

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irish bride Posts: 558
Hi girls, I was looking into buying my nursery furniture at the wkend but the shop I was in couldn’t really help me with cot mattresses – there are different kinds and I was asking which is the best for a baby and the girl just told me that they were all the same and it was down to my own personal preference. Does anyone know are there any major differences between the mattresses and if there is one kind that is that best? Thanks!
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Going on this from my sisters and what they were told by an excellent baby shop. That the mattress should have holes in it all the way down - not just at the top. I don't know if this is what you are referring to.
irish bride Posts: 558
Hi Schrodinger's cat thanks for that! To be honest i havent a clue about the mattresses- just know that there is fibre, foam, anti allergy etc etc and don't know where to start with these!!
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
I'm too sure what material is better but I do know that all should have changed over to waht they believe to be safe now for mattresses, so I guess thats the most important thing as in you can't buy the 'wrong' one anymore. If you are in the Galway area - Babyworld is great and will talkl you through everything.
irish bride Posts: 558
Thanks! Am actually in Dublin but maybe I just got talking to someone who didn’t really know what she was talking about! Will try shopping around and talk to a few places and see what he general consensus is!
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
hiya mattresses should come with the cot or should be for sale in a shop that sells cots!!! i got mine in argos with the cot, paid extra for " deluxe" but dunno what that meant :-8 tbh if you stick to the main stores they all have to have an iso number & pass various tests so i wouldnt worry too much
Chrimbobride Posts: 125
I went to Tony Kealys and they explained the differences between all the mattresses. Basically, the more spring in them the better as they will not leave dips where the baby lies if you get me?? They also were telling me about aerosleep mattress protectors which is worth taking a look at
irish bride Posts: 558
Thank you so much ChrimboBride, maybe i will just get my mattress in Tony Kealys and talk to them properly - thanks for the help!