How to cope with the nerves in first 12 weeks?

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MrsPatience Posts: 1147
Hi Girls, I am 9 weeks and 5 first a apt isnt for another 3 weeks, and i am starting to get really anxious i am a worrier by nature :-8 and my mind is starting to fill up with "what if's".... I have had an early scan at 7 wk i thought, but was told i was 6wk 4d at time, the nurse said baby perfectly fine and we even picked up a heartbeat which she commented was so strong at that early my brain and logic tells me of course all is ok but i am just so nervous :o( , i have ms that last all days sometimes, but is starting to ease - and when it does then im like god i want it back :-8 :o0 as reassurance i suppose..... I am thinking of getting another scan in two weeks also, as we have decided to go public and the next scan can be between 12 - 18 weeks :eek So just wondering does anyone else put themselves through this torture or worry or is it normal to think like this at this early stage, i suppose when you cant see or feel your little baby its harder.....
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Welcome to the world of parenthood - I'm afraid you will be worrying about your children for the rest of your life :o0 Not to be glib but it's so true! The first 12 weeks are probably the hardest alright but you should take great comfort from that first scan. As was the case with my DS my first scan will be at 12 weeks and until then you really just have to have faith. But like I say with your early scan that is a great thing for you to hold onto! Regarding the dates on the scan I wouldn't take too much notice of a few days discrepancy. At my dating scan I was told DS was less than 11 weeks (by my dates he was gone 12) - as a result my EDD was put back to Feb 28 instead of Feb 20. DS arrived on Feb 10 weighing 7lb10 fully formed and ready to go - no way was he 2 weeks early. It's not an exact science by any means. HTH :wv
Anonmama Posts: 239
It's only natural to worry. We don't really know what's going on in there and are only too aware of what could go wrong. But you have to learn to relax, stressing and worrying will do your bean no favours. Try to relax and trust your body to do the job it was built to do, it's a natural albeit amazing process. You have had an early scan with fantastic results :lvs Just look forward to the next one and try not to worry too much. I'm public and my first scan won't be until 20-22 weeks :o(
happymonkey Posts: 555
Could have written that message. I had m/c 2 months before this pregnancy so felt very nervous. Had scan at 7w3days and next one at 13 weeks - thought the 13 week scan would never arrive because all my symptoms disappeared at 8 wks. Couldn't hardly tell people I was preg because I almost didn't trust that I was. I'm a bit on the spiritual side so I prayed to our lady and archangel Michael to look after my babs for me (and that gave me alot of peace of mind). I also got one of the home dopplers when I was 11and half or 12 weeks gone. Some say the heart beat can't be picked up for another bit but I was able to get the sound of the heartbeat from the beginning (after a little bit of searching - sounds like a distant steam train). It did give me relief any time I felt anxious but some people say not to bother with them because it's so hard to detect early on and you could cause awful anxiety for yourself. I'm almost 17 weeks along now and way more relaxed, hoping to feel flutters and movement soon.
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
Mrs P meet your sister here, know exactly how you feel as i am also a worrier by nature. I have had 2 scans one at 6wks 4 days and one at just under 9 weeks where all was perfect but I still find it hard to relax and not worry. As someone else said we just dont know what is going on in there and its hard to keep the positivity up all the time. I know my symptoms eased also about 8 wks so was nervous as hell going into scan but thankful all was grand and I did relax for a few days afterwards but this morning woke up worrying again so have had a word with myself and told myself to have more faith in my body and in my babies and please god all will be ok. The do say when you see a heartbeat that the risk of mc drops dramatically so everytime you get worried hon thing of that :lvs :lvs
MrsDarcy Posts: 805
Can I just say a [size=150:27euj0sd]HUGE[/size:27euj0sd] congrats to you Mrs Patience :o)ll Im so happy you got your BFP - I haven't logged on in about 2 months and Im way behind on all the news Re the worrying, I know its hard but try not to pet. Just take one day at a time. I know its gonna be the hardest thing in the world but, believe me, this whole experience goes soooo fast so all I can say is just cherish every minute that you can. You could also go for a private scan if there is a clinic near you and pay for it if you're that worried but don't be. You will worry the entire way through and it can't be helped most of the time. Wait till you start getting bigger and you over-analyse every ache and pain that comes. hth :lvs
MrsPatience Posts: 1147
Ah thank you all so much girls for taking time to answer me it was exactly what i needed to hear and what i know is right :thnk ....i just have to have faith and take comfort in my early pigeonwife said its only the start :o0 i know most of us have been there or are at same timeframe as me so its comfort to know i am not being ott and over reacting :-8 going to start enjoying it and and stop be honest i just cant believe we have been so lucky :o)ll :o)ll :o0 Mrs Darcy....thank you :xxx we're thrilled....i actually got my BFP a week or something after talking to to say i was excited was an understatement...well worth the wait...just looking at your ticker youre nearly there hon :compress you must be getting so so excited...hope your minding yourself...looking forward to hearing about the new arrival best of luck :wv
littlebobby Posts: 106
Hi all, im a natural worrier too. Im 6 wks 3days and i sent off my green form on Fri so waiting on response so i can ring hospital , or can i ring now. but something has me stressing again . I was in work yesterday and a woman was telling me her daughter was 8 wks gone and very sick. I asked is it just in last wk or so she had been having MS ( i havent told anyone yet so fishing for experiences lol!). She said no from the very start but that she very happy about this as no morning sickness there is a higher risk of miscarriage :eek .eh alarm bells went off in my head as ive had no ms i jst thought i was either lucky or it would happen in next couple of weeks. Has any heard of this or experienced no ms , thanks girls. ps i have other symptoms back pain, tiredness, thirst etc
LastRolo Posts: 6892
OMG - don't listen to her. Some women are lucky enough to escape MS throughout the entire pregnancy. Every woman is different, so don''t be worrying that you haven't MS - you should be thanking your lucky stars!!
MrsPatience Posts: 1147
HI june26th under no circumstances does ms lessen chances of mc such an old wives tale....i have loads of friends who never has ms and theres loads of girls here that dont have ms....your lucky you dont but you may have, mine started just around your week but as i said loads dont have any at all!! With regards to the worrying as i said im a big worrier too, but as girls advised me we just have to trust all will be ok!! I waited until last week to hear from my hospital and when i called said i should have got a letter which i didnt, so talked to someone and they booked me in over the you could give them a call end of this wk and see how long you will be of luck :wv