how to cut ribbon on diy invites?

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ros33 Posts: 202
hey guys, was going to put this in another thread but thought i'd get more response this way. I am making my own invitations and i would love to hear how you can cut the ribbon off without it fraying. The ribbon is a strip up the side and if i go all round it will be dearer i know not much but it would. So, i have tried cutting it off the top and every time it frays - i have a sharp scissors any ideas greatly appreciated ros33
vidia Posts: 2960
We got ribbon for DIY invites and it completely frayed, binned it!! Sorry but Im no help on this one :o(
abeautifulceremony Posts: 263
Hi ladies, Found this on a website.. maybe it will help? To finish, heat-seal the edges of the ribbon so they don’t fray. To do this, carefully wave the edge near a candle flame so that the heat of the flame slightly melts, but doesn’t burn (I've tried to attach a picture.. hopefully it'll work for you!!) [attachment=0:x73i6kq1]heat-seal-grosgrain-ribbon-1_1-120X120.jpg[/attachment:x73i6kq1] I would have suggested to cut the end of the ribbon in a "V" shape - then use a tiny dab of superglue to stick the points of the "V" onto the paper.. :wv
CakesAndFavours Posts: 66
Agree with Abeautiful ceremony, heat sealing the edges is the only way. We use one of those long bic lighters for lighting gas. Practice a few times as you only need to move it once in a fluid motion across the flame. Practice will show you how quickly to move. Its just one of those things with ribbons expecially for ribbon wider than 10mm.
ros33 Posts: 202
that's great guys, thanks a million, will try that tonight!
shazza k Posts: 525
hiya heating it is the only way. it is easiest if you do it over a candle as it is a more steady flame than a lighter. just bairly do it so the ends melt slightly. its really easy and the best way.