How to deal with changing Bra size?

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Towser Posts: 121
Hi Girls, I am only 6 weeks pregnant and already busting out of my bras, i [i:2cboip1c]WAS[/i:2cboip1c] a 32C and i am easily gone up a cup size already. The back of my bra is riding up and i am getting that 4-boobed look at the front, so i am on a mission today at lunch to sort myself out. Just wondering from any of you who have gone through this before, will i keep changing size as the time goes on? I need to already get a few larger bras, so will i be getting new bras pretty much every few weeks? Also, are there any adjustable ones or anything available or do i just need to keep buying and throwing out ones as i get bigger!? Plus if i am massive at this early stage, what the hell size am i gonna be by next July!!?!?!
FoundHome Posts: 1753
I went up a size at 5-6 weeks and then again between 10-12 weeks. From the 12 week increase I stayed pretty much the same until 20 weeks. So far I've gone from 36C to 36D, to 38D and now at 38DD. I used bra extenders to lenghten the usage of my bras. I think I got a three pack (white, natural and black) for €6 in La Senza. Each time I tend to buy one black and one natural to cover most outfits. I'm keeping the bras for after the birth as I figure it will take a while for the boobs to return to their normal size
marif Posts: 141
Its worth getn good NON underwired bras during pregnancy! I went up every couple of weeks, got the doreen triumph its super sexy, not!! I paid full price, but noticed the other day that it was half price in Debanhams and they're having another sale this weekend! I had big boobs anyhow, so had to get good support bra! had a E cup to start! Now that i'm breastfeeding I'm a FF cup! I'd give Jordan a run for her money!! HA!! :o0 When you get the nursing bra part, Don't buy too many, wait til wk 38 or 39 and possibly only get one or two! You will go up a size in the hospital, so the bra's will be redundant, i'd recommend that you buy a bra a size bigger as well! i didn't and had to go to the shops on the way home from hospital! Even still since coming home, gone up another size! So buy in small quanitities, but buy good quality! Good luck with the pregnancy!
Towser Posts: 121
Thanks girls, just got myself a couple of 34Ds in Dunnes at lunch, so will try those for a few weeks...Always wanted bigger boobs, but now that they are here, i'm having second thoughts!!
doone Posts: 503
Tell me bout it !!! always though it would be nice to be a size bigger but now i'd give them back. I'm similiar to Found home, boobs just grew one day about 6 / 7 weeks from a small 36C to a very full 36D, have been using bra extenders cause they were still to tight. Haven't grown much since then so sticking it out with these until i'll by the nursing bras. also waiting on the OH to take the hints about bring me shopping in Brown Thomas, saw a brand called Milk advertised on Expose and the range is all maternity /breast feeding but really fab !
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Do you wear a bra at night girls??
Goodfellas Posts: 979
oops!! :-)