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babyg395 Posts: 62
Hi all, we are going away with ds this weekend (he's 11months), and I'm wondering how do people wash bottles etc. do I wash them in the sink of the bathroom or do I bring a basin with me. I'm going to bring sterilising bags to sterilise, it'll save me bringing the steriliser. Does anyone have any tips on how to enjoy the few days away. Ds is crawling so is in to checking everything out and is constantly on the go. I have asked for a crib for the room and plan to bring my own sheet. Really would appreciate any ideas, we are staying in cork so if anyone has any ideas of what we could do during the day, I'd appreciate that too. Thanks in advance for the replies.
Princess Kate Posts: 734
Hi babyg, I would say bring a basin so your sink isn't taken over by bottles, don't forget your bottle brush and washing up liquid (I speak from experience, I think we owned 5 bottle brushes at one stage...) Those sterilising bags are great. It might be a bit of a faff but I would recommend bringing your own mattress for the travel cot as the cots provided by hotels often only have the hard base that comes with the travel cot. We bought a nice thick travel cot mattress, although we do overnight stays in various places quite often so we get a lot of use out of it. This may be me being very precious but just something to think about! Gro black out blinds are great too, again we use them all the time so may not be worth the expense of buying them for a one-off trip but we find them great. I would also bring a supply of handy snacks for when out and about - bananas, pot of blueberries, those baby oaty flapjack things - a little cool bag is handy for storing these. Check with your hotel that there will be a fridge in your room where you can store bits like this. Cork is a great spot, Fota would be a good day out with your little one, and just a walk around the city - the English Market is great and there is a park across the road. Oh one final thing I would say about a hotel stay is book a babysitter for a night so you and your hubby can head downstairs for a bite to eat in the evening - the one thing about staying in a hotel vs self catering is you are stuck in the dark after your baby's bedtime unless you arrange for a sitter to sit in with them while you go for dinner and a drink or two! Unless you are lucky and have a baby that will sleep in the buggy, mine is far too nosy for that! HTH, enjoy your trip!
stream26 Posts: 23
[quote:1q92ttbe]It might be a bit of a faff but I would recommend bringing your own mattress for the travel cot as the cots provided by hotels often only have the hard base that comes with the travel cot[/quote:1q92ttbe] Or even any [url=]cozzy[/url:1q92ttbe] mattress topper that can add additional contouring or pressure relief to the surface of a too-firm mattress. I would recommend 5-7 inches thick.This is by far the simplest way to correct a too-firm mattress.
Rasberry Posts: 56
O.k home many bottles does your wee one actaully use at 11 months you probaly only need to bring max two/three bottles and reuse when needed ..wash in sink with some fairy liquid which you can bring with you...probably same as you do at home... is there any reason you wouldn't use hotel sink -- Sterlising --well your wee one who is crawling is probably licking floors doors and all sorts at this stage ..anyway you have sterlising bags with you but at this stage a washed bottle scalded with hot water from kettle in your room would suffice...bring kettle if hotel doesn't have one :o0