How to "decorate" mass booklets?

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preghopes Posts: 468
Any ideas girls apart from tieing ribbon in a bow. Was thinking if I could just stick something onto the cover to take bare look of them
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
I got stickers for mine in the Art and Hobby Shop, they are by Papermania. They are similar to these
mkb Posts: 1744
i found a cute cartoon of a bride and groom kissing each other at the top of an alter that resembled myslef and my hubbie and we put them on the front. they looked great and got a bit of laugh from everyone.
Tinkerbelle Bride Posts: 391
I wanted to get a personalised stamp for the cover of ours. Found perfect ones on Etsy. It's the stamp below but with our names on it and the date of our wedding [img:211hx09j][/img:211hx09j]