How to encourage baby's head engage?

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littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Was wondering if anyone has any tips for getting baby's head to engage? I have been bouncing on my birthing ball and doing pelvic tilts and circles and figure of eight exercises on it a bit every night. I have spd so can't walk more than 5 minutes at a time. I always had read that first babies engage between 2-4 weeks before the due date and only a posterior position prevents this from happening. Is this true? I saw the consultant today who said the head still is not engaged. When I asked if that made me likely to go overdue, he said probably. Do first babies sometimes wait until labour to engage, even if in the right position? Is there always some indication of labour starting soon if I don't get a show or ruptured membranes or can the contractions start without any prior indication? I am 38 and a half weeks day ahead of my ticker.
Trafford Posts: 463
I've read that getting down on all fours such as scrubbing the kitchen floor or something is a help. I will have the cleanest floors in Ireland come late June/early July :o0
rosiemama Posts: 3363
DS1 was born early at 38 weeks. he wasn't engaged at all at my last appointment a few days before he was born and i had no indication until first contraction at 4.30am and he arrived at 10.55am. with DS2, he was engaged for days before, my waters broke and it was still a full 24 hours before he arrived. sorry that is no help to you but don't be too worried if they are not engaged yet as it doesn't necessarily mean you will go over. you are doing all the right things though. good luck!
i want one Posts: 2893
i got no show or rupture of waters. they broke my waters at 5cm.contractions just started off very mild in the morning they didnt get strong until the middle of the night and she was born about 12 hours later. dont think DDs head was engaged either until late in pregnancy she was 5 days over.