how to get rid of bad cold and get my voice back?

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Baby10 Posts: 318
Hi all, I'm about 5-6weeks pregnant at the moment and have had a bad cold for over a week now and woke up this morning with no voice and am whispering at DS and DH all day today. I know we can't take much of the usual medication but have to get my voice back by Monday for work - has anyone got any recommendations? DH went to chemist and was told I can only take paracetomal - which isn't working :o(
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Some people think just plain lemsip is allowed (not the cold and flu stuff) my doc said take nothing in 1st 12 weeks. I boiled up a pot of rinds and juice of lemons, oranges and other super fruits (blueberries were used) with water. Sieved the mixture and drank with honey and sugar. I thought it really helped.
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
I've heard that manuka honey is good
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
You poor thing, it really hits you how much we rely on taking things when you just can't. Boil up some 7-up, and a spoon of manuka honey and squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and sip. Hope you feel better soon x
trying2hard Posts: 177
I second the boiled water & lemons and boiled 7up. I had a really bad cold week before Christmas and after a day/ or two of boiled water & lemons And boiled 7 up I was as right as rain. Manuka honey is great for sore throat.
Baby10 Posts: 318
Thanks all :o)ll - yes it's true you don't realise how much you rely on over the counter remedies until your pregnant and can't take them. Have tried gargling salt water and drinking some hot chicken soup at the moment. Will definitely try the 7-up, lemon and honey.
ilvechoc Posts: 149
Hi Baby10, Im the same as you, hav mine a week today.voice is back but colsd and cough still really bad!!i used vicks rub on my throat-totally safe they said and as the others are saying, lemon juice, honey and boiled 7 up! Hope you get better soon. :wv
littlemama Posts: 471
[quote="RainbowNinja":2kc823kd]I've heard that manuka honey is good[/quote:2kc823kd] +1
Baby10 Posts: 318
Well went to the doctor today to see if she could give me anything as I was totally feeling crap and really have to go to work tomorrow - very silly of me - I'm now €50 down and only got a nasal spray for my troubles :o(
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Are you not covered for free medical care??? I thought all pregnant women got free medical care. I do and I'm normally a private patient.