how to mark the new year???????

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tracyoc Posts: 6
Hello people, Im getting married new years eve coming, ya just 11 weeks and some of my plans havent worked out. Because its such a busy night ive paid a small fortune for 2 bands. I wanted fire works but they were unavailable. Dont really mind that as it saves me 1500euro. I had great plans then for a baloon drop at 12oclock. This hasnt worked out either as the ceiling is too low and the hotel is new and they do not want nets nailed to their ceiling. The only other thing I could do different is Irish dancers. People may be sick of going to weddings with dancers but they dont seem to have caught on as much down here in cork yet so they would be different for anyone coming to my wedding. The thing is again its such a busy night. Ive rang about 5 companies and I understand no one wants to be travelling late new years eve. The wedding is in Bantry, West Cork so a bit out of the way. If anyone knows any local schools in west cork who may do a 20 minute set Id love to know. Id do it between the two bands so they can get home for 12 and all. If not I dont know what else to do that would be memorable. Does anyone have any other ideas for the 12oclock thing? I have champagne and that but I feel without baloons or fireworks it may not feel like new years. Do I need to shut up? Am I being fussy? Any Suggestions? Help!!!
newyear09wife Posts: 899
Hi :wv Am Also New Year bride but not for another two years!! Havent really any assistance to offer as havent a clue what may or may not be available down your neck of the woods... Just wanted to say that pesonally I dont think there is any great need to do anything spectacular.. just make sure that the band who is playing thru midnight capable of getting everyone into the spirit of things..... *) having said that ... friends of mine are campanologists (bell ringers to you and me ) and they are doing a routine beginning at exactly 12 with hand hld bells and we are having a confetti drop... its basically a big party popper that attaches to the bands lighting rig and someone pulls it at 12 and whoosh glittery confetti goes everywhere( theoretically anyway) . personally i did not orgnaise it and dont feel we need anything extra as we too have paid a small fortune for entertainment as it is and am sure that it would be enough but as this extra is a gift from friends I am not about to look the old gift horse in the mouth. :thnk
MrsDecemberBride07 Posts: 594
you could try have strawboys in? do they do that in your neck of the woods?
Valkstar Posts: 2747
Have a look at the sky lanterns post.....I think they're so much nicer than fireworks, and we're having them next year. ... ky+lantern
tracyoc Posts: 6
Am what are straw boys?????