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Maybump Posts: 527
I was due today and just feel like I spent the day answering calls and texts to see if there were any updates. Do people really think if I had the baby we'd keep it to ourselves!!!! I'm getting fed up waiting myself and I know people mean well be how can you politely say don't call us we'll call you!!!! If I have to answer the phone or text about any news or movement for next few days I think I'll have pulled all my hair out!!!
Newyearmama Posts: 19
Oh Maybump. I so hear u.... In exactly the same situation- its so annoying and what's worse- it's usually people that have plenty of children who should know how irritating it is... Topped off by the same people torturing are people who would hardly text or ring at any other time, unless they're looking something..... Oh dear- my hormones must be letting rip- I sound like a real bit*h!! :duh:
mrswifey Posts: 775
God that sounds really irritating- however well meant! Could you send out a general text to the main culprits saying something like, 'Hey all, sorry for the group text but just to let you know I have not had the baby yet! We will be in touch as soon as there is news and in the mean time I will be putting my phone away as I need to rest and get my energy levels up for when it does decide to arrive!! Talk to you after...' or words to the affect?
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Yeah, it's hard to be civil in that situation! I got a text from one friend telling me she was going away for work and her flight schedule so I could let her know when there was news!! :eek DD was more than 2 weeks late so I was on the verge of murdering some people. In the end I just ignored some people... I had to for my own sanity. I think I sent a text saying something along the lines of "all well here, will let you know whenever we have news". Forgot to say, good luck, hope it won't be long til you have your little bundle!
lcarrick Posts: 1639
ignore them, they'll get the hint eventually. i was two weeks over and the texts were unreal, first grandchild on both sides so the excitment was hugh, i'd eventually send a group test saying 'oh sorry was having a nap didnt see your text blah blah blah'
wollysocks Posts: 1773
Switch off your phone! It can be done!. Your mobile has an off button! If you cant bear to do this then put it on silent. Check it occasionally and only respond to anything you want to. Ignore everything else.... Just don't bother answering any calls or texts. Text when baby is born. I don't answer my phone or texts if I don't want to- you're not under obligation to- just ignore- you have other things going on- people will know this. Nobody will care- they will know you are tired,resting etc.....People are just being nice- be glad you have so many people round you who care and are interested in your life- and contact them at your convenience. If I text a pregnant friend I am just being caring-letting them know I'm thinking of them. I don't care if I hear nothing back. I'm happy when I hear baby is born..... Try and relax and not let the little things stress you- just go and do whatever relaxes you and don't worry about other people. Remember you cannot control other peoples behaviour but you can control your reaction to it.....Be proactive and ignore your phone rather than constantly reacting....Hope it all goes well :wv
Delphinium Posts: 3027
This drove me insane as well as my DS was 12 days overdue before I was admitted for induction. Even at that I didn't let them know I was going into hospital because I would have been demented altogether from the "any news yet??" texts! The best thing to do is just appreciate that others are excited for you. Also I think it is only good manners to respond........ but get in the habit of not responding for an hour or two at least! If you respond quickly all the time, the one time you don't they will of course speculate that there is news because you have not responded. If you leave it a while and say "Sorry couldn't reply, was having a nap, v tired. All OK, no news, will let you know as soon as.... thank you for thinking of me.." etc. it might give them the guilts and make them stop annoying you!! >:o)
happy mummy Posts: 424
I'm not even at my due date yet and its been going on since February started! On Feb 1st I got a text off a friend I rarely see (since I got pg of course) who said "Where is baby? Don't they realise its February!" I was like O:| here we go! And that was only the start of it! Got a phone call from someone who literally dumped me as a friend when I told her I was expecting and she got straight to the point of her call "I was just ringing to see if you'd gone into hospital and were trying to keep it quiet!" I tried to laugh it off and she goes "Ok so I'll call again on Monday to check if you've went, gotta go I'm heading to the pub!" She literally just rang (for the first time in over 6 months!) to find out if I'd went in yet! And I've had other phone calls like that! If it was texts it wouldn't be bad cause I'd just ignore them but the fact that I'm still the best part of two weeks away from my date and the calls are going on already just really bug me! Then of course there's the nice friends, who have been there for me all along and they're almost afraid to ask if there's any news, bless them! Its just the nosey feckers who couldn't have cared less for months and only want to know details now that bug me!
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Jesus women, can't believe how people are so forward and rude! And as someone said it's the people you don't even know too well that are the nosiest! I have in the past texted people to see if there's news, but never on or near the due date, maybe a week to 10 days afterwards, and I don't even know why I do that I can see how annoying it is!
wollysocks Posts: 1773
I cant believe people get so worked up about this.People are far far too attached to their phones!! This is what is known as a first world problem!! :o0 Just chill out ladies - you don't have to answer texts or phone calls! Go back 30 years and very few houses had a house phone and life was possible! It is such a simple solution- If phone calls and texts are annoying you-Switch off the phone! put it on silent! or ignore it!- don't answer calls from people who you never hear from if calls are already putting you on edge....apologies but this is not rocket science girls !!!!! You are causing yourself this annoyance- nobody is forcing you to answer the phone- give it to your husband/partner and let him see to it..... I don't think it is impolite not to respond to texts- who cares what people think at this time? Most people can use their brains and realise if they are texting a heavily pregnant/overdue woman if she doesn't respond- then she has other things going on....let them think what they want- real friends will understand.... So take a chill pill and disconnect from the phone- life will go on I promise :wv p.s I imagine if nobody texted or phoned you you'd probably be on here saying nobody cares!...nobody is texting , nobody is phoning.... :o0 :o0