How to resolve heating/air con disagreement in workplace

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Solar Powered Posts: 548
Can there be any reasonable resolution to the issue of a workplace environment where some of the employees (group A) think its too cold and others (group B) think its perfect some days - heating/air con wise. Then the powers that be are asked to turn up the heat by group A then group B think it's too hot while group A think it's perfect temperature. Group B have individual fans too but that's another story. We won't be allowed move desks (to group the cold blooded and hot blooded people together) as the current desk arrangements are sensible for the work we do. Any ideas on a reasonable resolution? Does one of my colleague or I have to be unhappy? Is it right to push for the heat to be turned up when only yesterday some colleagues asked for it to be turned down? First world problem I appreciate :o0
FutureWife Posts: 298
Get a thermometer and agree an normal temp range . Adjust the heat to that .
curlysu Posts: 811
Thats a tough one, we have the same problem sometimes in our open space...we generally keep it cooler rather than warmer, the thinking behind that being that people who are cold can put on a cardigan or a jumper, but people who are too warm aren't going to strip down to their undies :)
MrsOC2012 Posts: 595
I had this problem up until a few months ago when I was working with a girl who wasn't from Ireland and not used to the chilly weather, she was constantly freezing and kept all the storage heaters on, but the rest of us would be literally sweating in our seats. I felt bad for her coz she was literally shivering sitting in about 4 layers of clothes and a scarf but the heat was just unbearable and giving us headaches. The only compromise we could come to was to get a thermoteter and agree that once the temperature in the room hit 24 degrees (still far too warm IMO), all radiators had to go off. If it got below 19 / 20 degrees then one of the smaller rads could be turned back on. God love her but she used to sit with a hot water bottle on her lap all day :o0 She ended up transferring to a different office and we're back to having a lovely, slightly chilled office which I think is a much better environment to work in.
Reston Posts: 1321
In the last place I worked one of the girls had a fan heater for her feet under the desk and she would have it going all day. It was making the rest of us nauseous. I actually felt like vomiting one day it was so stuffy. We signed a petition and sent it to management and she was given permission to wear fluffy slipper boots under her desk.
lollisue Posts: 507
This happens nearly everywhere! I think keep it cooler, within reason obviously. As curlysu said, it's easier for people to put on clothes to heat up than to take them off. Being too hot is much more uncomfortable than too cold. Plus being to hot makes people more tired as well.
Solar Powered Posts: 548
Cheers girls, I'll make the suggestion to the others here. Many thanks for the replies.